Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Sandra Bullock Undergo Any Plastic Surgery?

Sandra Bullock was born on 26 July 1964 in Arlington,Virginia. She rose through the ranks from a small time actress to one of the most highly sought after actresses in Hollywood. Her girl next door looks led her to play serious roles in movies such as Speed and The Net. And who can forget her role in the film Crash.

Sandra Bullock has been undeniably successful in her acting career. She already has 50 films at age 50. Sandra has also amassed a personal fortune of more than $200 million. Her starring role in the space thriller Gravity in 2013 reportedly made her $70 million richer. It is one of the highest paydays for any female actress for a single movie in Hollywood. She has also won notable prizes as BFCA Award, Golden Globe Award and the Academy Award for her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Sid, also recently won the charity people choice award in 2013.

Did Sandra Bullock undergo plastic surgery?

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Due to her quick rise in popularity, a lot of attention is showered on her looks and the way she maintains her youth. Now at age 51, Sandra Bullock looks 20 years younger than what she is supposed to be. The secret to looking young is always sought after by the media and her fans. Discussion forums started to have topics dedicated to her beauty secrets. Then people started to speculate if Sandra Bullock used plastic surgeries to enhance her looks.

Many Celebrities Have Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeries amongst Hollywood celebrities is common place. 20 years ago, plastic surgery was only for actors and actresses in their late 50s or early 60s to revive their looks. Today, we see young celebrities like Iggy Azalea and Lil Kim having a go at cosmetic surgery.

Sandra Bullock facial features look sharper

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For Sandra Bullock, there is the pressure of looking her best on screen. This is to ensure that leading roles in Hollywood are always knocking on her door. With such heavy competition amongst female leading actresses, there is the natural fear of being replaced by younger stars. Younger stars like Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence can potentially replace aging female superstars like Sandra Bullock. Thus, there is the urgent need to apply quick plastic surgery procedures to get desired results fast.

Sandra Bullock and Rhinoplasty

Some fans say that Sandra Bullock might have undergone rhinoplasty or nose job. Looking at her  before and after photos, there is a change in her nose shape. Though her nose did not change dramatically like the way Michael Jacksson’s nose did, there is a slight reshaping of the nose tip.

Watch Sandra Bullock in an interview for the Movie Speed below:

Compare it to the video below in a recent appearance where she won the Favorite Actress Award: 

Her original nose shape was more rounded and lumpy at the nose tip. Now she has a sharper nose with a narrower nose bridge. Make no mistake, her new looking nose has enhanced her looks tremendously. Her nose now sits well balanced with her other facial features. Her plastic surgeon seems to know what he is doing. Instead of changing her nose shape drastically, the surgeon opted for a subtle change to achieve a more natrual look. Nose jobs gone bad are some of the most difficult plastic surgeries to reverse or undo.

Reasons Why Sandra Bullock Might Undergo Plastic Surgery

Some observers speculate that Sandra Bullock might have been devastated after losing Ryan Reynolds to Blake Lively, a younger actress. So in effort to prove that she still has the looks, Sandra succumbed to the temptation of plastic surgery. Whether this theory is true or not, we never know.

Sandra Bullock has never had luck in relationships. In her marriage to Jesse James, she was the victim of the extra marital affairs of Jesse James. Though James issued an apology for his infidelity, Bullock eventually filed for divorce on April 23 2010. Her divorce from Jesse James was finalised on June 28 2010. Currently, Sandra Bullokc is dating photographer Bryan Randall.

Sandra Bullock Maintains a Healthy Lifestyle and Diet

Sandra Bullock has never admitted to plastic surgery though she does not look her age. She insists that she is able to maintain her good looks due to proper dieting and living a healthy lifestyle. Sandra also attributes her fine skin to a disciplined skin care regimen.

There are many observers who seem to differ from Sandra Bullock’s denials. They felt that part of Sandra Bullock’s anti aging regime includes either a facelift or Botox injections. The peculiar absence of wrinkles from her face should attest to that. Botox is commonly used by many celebrities to remove the wrinkles on the face. Botox might be the secret behind her smooth and fine complexion. Other experts suspected that she has got regular facials and mild chemical peels.

Sandra Bullock’s persistent denials has divided her fans. Some of them believe Sandra Bullock wholeheartedly while some are disappointed by the lack of honesty from Sandra Bullock. Whatever it may be, only Sandra Bullock holds the truth to her everlasting beauty. One thing is for sure, Sandra Bullock still maintains that natural look, without a tinge of unnatural appearance. What do you think of Sandra Bullock plastic surgery?