Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Rumer Willis Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Rumer Willis is the subject of much plastic surgery rumours. Her appearance has changed tremendously since her younger days. The major changes include her jaw line and chin. There are also speculation about the use of lip fillers and breast augmentation.

Rumer Willis is the daughter of two most popular celebrities in Hollywood, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. And being their beloved daughter, it is inevitable to be in the limelight all the time. Like her parents, Rumer Willis has a love for acting and debuted in “Now and Then” with her mother Demi Moore. That was in the year 1995.

Rumer Willis Plastic surgery rumors

Since then, she was featured in comedy show The House Bunny and the horror film From Within. Rumer Willis also made guest appearances on Miss Guided, Army Wives and The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Recently, the talented Rumer Willis also participated in the 2015 edition of Dancing with the Stars, scoring two perfect scores in the process. Rumer Willis won the competition and became the champion for the season.

With her established profile in the entertainment industry, it is natural for Rumer Willis to enhance her beauty further. And there is no faster way to enhance her looks than going under the knife.

Rumer Willis and Rumors about Chin Reduction Surgery

Rumer Willis looks like both parents at certain angles. She seems to have inherited her father’s lips and face shape. Her wide jawline is the subject of much plastic surgery gossip. Over the years, we see her chin is sharpening gradually, suggesting possible chin reduction surgery. The sharper chin has improved her looks greatly as it gives her a softer and more feminine look.

But she has never admitted to having any plastic surgery. So, there was never a confirmation about the procedure.

Rumer Willis and Lip Fillers Rumors

Watch Rumer Willis on SWAY in 2016:

To be sure, check out the video below, where Rumer Willis is interviewed by David Letterman in 2009:

Rumer Willis had her dad’s thin lips and of recent years, her lips seem to have grown fuller and has more pout about them. It is common for Hollywood actresses to increase their sex appeal by injecting lip fillers into their lips. Probably Rumer Willis could not resist the lure of puffy lips and underwent the lip filling procedure.

LATEST: Rumer Willis shows off her pumped up lips in an Instagram Video. There is no denying now about lip fillers. Her lips seems really pumped up this time. Check it out:


Getting ready for the show @citywineryatl and @tyeblue1 ain’t ready yet ???

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Photos: Instagram

Photos: Instagram

Her lips were the center of attention when she made a spoof video of Ariana Grande’s hit song “Problems”. In that video, her lips were really swollen. Rumours say that she started the lip fillers in 2012.

But whatever she did, we must say that it has enhanced her looks greatly.

Rumer Willis and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Rumors about Rumer Willis Boob job

One of the more obvious changes in Rumer Willis is her breast size. Her bust line seems to have increased a few sizes over the years. With perkier and rounder breasts, Rumer Willis should feel more confident about herself. Whether it is due to puberty or cosmetic procedures is anyone’s guess. But Rumer Willis looks more sexier than before for sure.

Though Rumer Willis has never admitted to any plastic surgery, she mentioned about it in an interview with ETonline. Rumer said this about plastic surgery “If I do want to do that — If I want to get a boob job or change things about myself — I’m not going to lie about myself,” she stressed. “And if I choose to do something to myself, it’s because I’ve thought about it. And if it’s going to make me feel better, I won’t be ashamed of the choices that I make.”

Overall, Rumer Willis is blossoming into a beautiful woman, following the footsteps of her mother Demi Moore. Her cosmetic changes have given her a huge boost in her looks and sex appeal. Together with her natural talent for singing and acting, she will become a Hollywood star in no time. We look forward to more songs and films from Rumer Willis. What do you think of Rumer Willis plastic surgery?