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Ana Cheri Before Implants and Plastic Surgery

Ana Cheri Before Plastic Surgery and Implants

Instagram stars are getting more and more attention from plastic surgery critics. From Anastasiya Kvitko to Jen Selter, instagram stars gather plastic surgery allegations from every post they make. For Ana Cheri, most of the attention is on her breast implants.

Who is Ana Cheri?

Ana Cheri did not start off as an instagram model. She started her career in modelling. One of the highlights in her career was being featured in Playboy magazine in 2015. She was the Playboy’s Top Cover model for 2015. She is also a model who has posed for Monster Energy, K&N Filters, Moskova Underware and Ultimate Armwrestling League.

Being a model, the pressure to look gorgeous in front to the camera is tremendous. Not only does Ana Cheri need to have great facial looks, she also needs to keep her breasts looking big and tight.

Ana Cheri and Boob Job Rumors

To be featured in ANY issue of Playboy magazine, a girl definitely needs to have overflowing sex appeal. In general, to have any sex appeal, having big boobs is a must.

Many women would go through the pain and hassle to get breast implants. The risk of having a botched job is nothing to these women. The end results of a successful boob job is too appealing to these women. But did Ana Cheri undergo a breast augmentation procedure? Did she need one?

Well, if you try and search around the internet for a photo of Ana Cheri with small boobs, its a pretty rare find.

Fact is, Ana Cheri is famous for her huge boobs. Any past photos of her as a “new model” are hard to find. However, we managed to discover some of her rare photos of years past. Check out those photos to see if she had any boob job done.

Bear in mind that when the “before” photos were taken, Ana Cheri was already aged 23. So, her boobs should have been fully developed naturally by then. Thus, we cannot exclude the possibility that the growth in her bust line is due to breast implants.

If you look closer at the after photos, her boobs seems unusually perky and round. Women with breast augmentation tend to have rounder and firmer boobs. The natural sag seems to be missing from Ana Cheri breasts.

Whether Ana Cheri had her breast implants or not, only she knows the truth. The only thing we can do is to follow her career and gasp in amazement the sudden growth of her boobs.

Christina Hendricks Before She Was Famous

Christina Hendricks Before She Became Famous

Christina Hendricks is a well known American actress and has been nominated in 6 Emmy Awards. But what is most intriguing to her fans is – what was she like before she gained all that fame? Well, let’s get straight to the point and gather some photos in years past and see how far she has come!

No writeup about Christina Hendricks before fame can be complete without a snapshot of her childhood. Here is a shot of her during her childhood days:

Credit: Pinterest

Christina Hendricks showed signs of a beauty since her high school days. In the photo below taken from one of the yearbook photos (freshman in 1990), Hendricks showed some flair of being a top model in years to come. Check it out:

Credit: Yearbook

The following photo was taken one year later in 1991 as a sophomore in the Fairfax High School Yearbook. Note her change in style did not take anything away from her beauty:

Credit: Yearbook

Hendricks also described herself as an “outcast” and a “goth” during her high school days. Well, the following picture says it all:

Credit: Tumblr

Christina Hendricks Started as a Model

In her early years from age 18 to 27, Christina Hendricks was a model. She shared with The Sun in 2013 that she got her nice curves from her stay in Italy. She said “I started out as a model and when I went to Italy to build my book I gained 15lb from all the pasta and cappuccinos that were
part of my life over there.

“I saw my body change and I loved how it changed my appearance and how it made
me look more womanly and sexy.

“I give credit to my mum, who told me to feel good about my appearance and not
feel embarrassed about my body because she was never worried about looking
too big or feeling fat.”

Here are some rare shots of her during her young modelling career. Check it out:

Credit: The Sun

Christina Hendricks Acting Career

Christina Hendricks started her acting career in the MTV series called Undressed. Though its not a title she would want to be associated with today, it showcased her acting skills and led on to bigger roles in television. Here is a shot of what she looked like then. Sorry to say, she was in no state of undress.

Christina Hendricks is known for her voluptuous boobs. And her ample bosom brought her great fame. But, when did all the attention come from? Well, the video below showcases a steamy scene in Beggars and Choosers. Perhaps this is the scene that captured the hearts and minds of many men. Be warned, its steamy.

And who could forget Christina Hendricks playing her role of “Loopy” in Everclear’s hit “One Hit Wonder”(1997)? Here is a side of Christina Hendricks you have never seen before. Her short hair and slim frame made her boobs (though all covered up) stand OUT. Enjoy that music video below:

Well, we sure would want to show you more pictures of Christina Hendricks. But as promised, we just want to focus on her early days. For more updates on her latest news, you can read more about her transformation in another post HERE. So, did she look as good pre-fame compared to today? Let us know your thoughts!

Lindsey Pelas Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lindsey Pelas Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lindsey Pelas is famous for her huge boobs. She modelled for Playboy and was the Playboy Cybergirl of the Month for May 2014. Her boobs have attracted lots of gossip. The gossip focuses on whether she underwent a boob job. Its hard to imagine she possesses such an impressive set of tits without surgical intervention. Other Lindsey Pelas plastic surgery rumors include her use of lip fillers and a nose job.

Lindsey Pelas Plastic surgery before and after photos

Who is Lindsey Pelas?

Lindsey Pelas was born on May 19, 1991 in Baton Rouge Los Angeles. She grew up in rural Louisiana. Her rose to fame was accelerated when she posed for Playboy.

In case you think Lindsey Pelas is all boobs and no brains, think again. Pelas has an exemplary academic record. She graduated from LSU with a degree in History.

Lindsey Pelas has got excellent business acumen. Blessed with an hourglass figure, she knew she would hit it big by creating a huge following on the internet. True enough, Pelas amassed a huge following of 1 million on Instagram within 6 weeks. As of June 2017, the number of followers on Pelas’ Instagram account has exceeded 6.5 million.

One of her most popular videos on the internet is one where she spoke about “11 big boob problems” There is nothing sexual about it, just plain humor. Really, nothing sexual, just real life problems of someone having huge boobs. You can watch it below:

Here is Lindsey Pelas in her all natural self. She is seen here discussing about dating and relationships. Note her naturally thinner lips:

Lindsey Pelas and Boob Job Rumors

Having big boobs is Lindsey Pelas’ greatest asset. No one would have paid so much attention on her if she had small boobs. But are her boobs real?

Lindsey Pelas has denied having any boob job. She claims that her set of 32DDD or 30H boobs are completely natural and REAL. She once said “I definitely get complimented on my boobs the most. I’m very petite, so it’s really noticeable that I have super large breasts. People constantly assume they’re fake and I love surprising them!”

It was reported on the internet that she feels sexiest when she is in her natural state. REALLY?

Perhaps its true that Lindsey Pelas has huge natural breasts, but that does not mean she did not enhance it along the way. Check out these before and after photos. Judge for yourself if a boob job was performed.

Lindsey Pelas boob job before and after photos

Lindsey Pelas breast implants before and after photos

Lindsey Pelas breast augmentation before and after photos

Lindsey Pelas and Lip Fillers Rumors

Lip fillers are used to pump up the lips. Lips that look pouty and thick are deemed sexier than thin lips. The obsession with thicker and fuller lips has created a new trend in plastic surgery.

Lip fillers are in great demand.

However, some celebrities overdose on the lip fillers. They end up having swollen lips. Amazingly, some celebrities still feel that they look alright with those oversized lips.

For Lindsey Pelas, her recent photos show a set of incredibly pouty lips. Her lips are starting to look very unnatural on her. Some say its due to her use of glossy lipstick. But check out her before and after photos and see for yourself. Did she use lip fillers?

Lindsey Pelas lip fillers before and after photos

Lindsey Pelas lip fillers injections before and after

Lindsey Pelas and Nose Job Rumors

Online celebrities are very particular about their looks. After all, they need to look their best to garner a huge following. The nose usually becomes the focal point of plastic surgery enhancement. This is because the nose is the central feature of the face. To improve one’s looks, the fastest way is the enhance the nose shape.

For Lindsey Pelas, her younger photos already showcase a rather sharp nose. On first sight, her nose seems perfectly fine. Anyone with her original nose would have left it natural.

However, when you look at her recent photos, there seems to be something different in her nose. Her current nose bridge seems thinner and her nose tip is sharper.

Some argue that the differences in nose shape is due to makeup. While it could be a possible reason, other insist that her nose is “fake”. Since Lindsey Pelas never admitted to having a nose job, whether she underwent a nose job is still anyone’s guess. Check out her before and after photos below and judge for yourself:

Lindsey Pelas nose job before and after photos

Lindsey Pelas rhinoplasty before and after

Overall, Lindsey Pelas is a very attractive woman. She has all the ingredients to be an online superstar. If she continues to take her commercial deals offline, she might well be a movie superstar someday. With her hourglass figure and pouty lips, she could fit into the role of Lara Croft without any problems. We hope that she has never undergone any plastic surgery. That would make her one of the most beautiful natural beauties alive. What do you think of Lindsey Pelas plastic surgery rumors? True or false?

Faryal Makhdoom Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Faryal Makhdoom Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Being called Michael Jackson is one of the biggest praises one can ever get. But if its because of your appearance rather than your vocal talent, it is downright insulting. This is why Faryal Makhdoom got pretty upset when Amir Khan’s siblings labeled her fake. But did Faryal Makhdoom really undergo the knife?

Faryal Makhdoom plastic surgery rumors arose due to her feud with some of Amir’s family members. But what were the differences between a younger Faryal Makhdoom and the present Faryal Makhdoom? Some of the alleged plastic surgeries include lip fillers, a nose job and cheek augmentation.

Faryal Makhdoom plastic surgery before and after photos

Who is Faryal Makhdoom?

Faryal Makhdoom was born on July 27,1991 in Brooklyn, New York. She is famous for being the wife of 2004 Olympic Silver Medallist and Former Champion of The World Boxer – Amir Khan.

Before her marriage to Amir Khan, Faryal Makhdoom was just a normal commoner. She attended the Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences with a double major in political science and journalism. She has a Pakistani background. She gave birth to Lamaisah Khan in May 2014.

Faryal Makhdoom Before Plastic Surgery

Before plastic surgery, Faryal Makhdoom was one of the most beautiful wives of boxers. Her gorgeous big eyes, big smile and her high cheekbones made her a very desirable woman. One could say that she was a “model” without being a model.

But her her recent appearances on television were shocking to say the least.

Check out the photos below and you will agree that Faryal Makhdoom looked beautiful. Not to mention Amir Khan looked like a perfect gentleman in the photos:

Watch a recent interview with Faryal Makhdoom below. She looked very unnatural:

Faryal Makhdoom and Nose job Rumors

A nose job is used to reshape the nose. Some find their noses too round or too big. Some figured that they look better with a thinner nose bridge. Others insist that their nostrils need some resizing. Whatever it may be, a nose job is not a simple procedure. It requires the precision of a skilled surgeon to have any chance of success.

For Faryal Makhdoom, her earlier pictures showcase a perfect nose. One can never understand why she would do anything to her nose. But recent photos show a nose that is ultra sharp at the tip. The slight “bump” on her nose tip has miraculously disappeared.

When you look closely at Faryal Makhdoom’s before and after photos, you realise that her nose bridge is much thinner than before. Check them out:

Faryal Makhdoom nose job before and after photos

Faryal Makhdoom nose job before and after pictures

Faryal Makhdoom and Lip Fillers Rumors

Lip fillers are used to pump up the lips. Plumper lips are regarded as sexier by many women. We cannot be sure if men find thicker lips sexy, but many women sure do. Judging by the increasing number of lip filler injections, the lips remain a favourite spot of beauty enhancement.

For Faryal Makhdoom, you can see a distinct difference in the thickness of her lips. Her before and after photos show a dramatic change in her lip size. What was once a set of nice thin lips has turned into a pair of overly thick lips! Check out the before and after photos below:

Faryal Makhdoom lip fillers before and after photos

Faryal Makhdoom lip fillers before and after picture

Credit: (left) Astrid Stawiarz Getty Images

Faryal Makhdoom and Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is used to emphasize the cheeks on a person’s face. Most people do it for vanity reasons. It can involve cheek bone implants made from silicon or other synthetic materials. Incisions are usually made in the mouth of lower eyelids. The results of cheek augmentation can be stunning, removing fine lines and “lifting” the face.

However, when performed unnecessarily, cheek augmentation can turn out to be a major disaster.

For Faryal Makhdoom, her natural cheeks were in perfect balance with the rest of her face. However, in her pursuit for perfection, her cheek augmentation procedure made her look worse. Instead of her natural well defined cheeks, what resulted was a much “flatter” set of cheeks. Those beautiful cheek contours do not accompany her smile anymore.

This is a classic case of fixing something that was perfect to begin with. Check out Faryal Makhdoom cheek augmentation before and after photos.

Faryal Makhdoom cheek augmentation fillers before and after photos

Overall, Faryal Makhdoom has destroyed her good looks using surgical enhancements. We cannot be certain if Faryal Makhdoom underwent the knife. But its pretty clear that something was done to her face. Other than her nose and cheeks, her present face looks very “stiff” and tight. For a person to look this way at such a young age is a pity. Nonetheless, Faryal Makhdoom still retains much of her beauty. What do you think of Faryal Makhdoom plastic surgery rumours?

Here are some of the recent shots of Faryal Makhdoom (Instagram):

Viki Odintcova Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Viki Odintcova Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Some Russian models are gaining huge ground on social media. Viki Odintcova, like Anastasiya Kvitko, is heating up the pages on Instagram. Her beautiful face and impeccable figure make her a formidable force in the fashion world. With her 3.7 million followers on Instagram, Viki Odintcova is becoming a strong influencer on social media. Some of the alleged Viki Odintcova plastic surgeries include a boob job and butt augmentation.

Viki Odintcova plastic surgeries rumors

Who is Viki Odintcova?

Viki Odintcova started to model at 20 years of age. Despite her success online, Odintcova remains humble. She believes she is still climbing the ladder of success. She is earnestly learning English to improve her marketability.

Odintcova claims that she maintains her figure through regular workouts and a healthy diet. Her type of guy is someone who is kind, smart, educated, intelligent, and equipped with a good sense of humor.

She is also a daredevil. Once, she posted on Instagram about her daredevil stunt of hanging on to a man’s hand atop a skyscraper.

Watch her daredevil stunt below:

Viki Odintcova has denied having any plastic surgery done on any part of her body.

Watch Viki Odintcova prepare herself backstage:

Viki Odintcova and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Whenever a model has huge boobs, breast implants rumors are bound to surface. For Viki Odintcova, her boobs are one of her main attractions. But did she have a boob job?

We have tried to scourge the net for younger photos of Viki Odintcova but could not find any. So, we can only judge based on her current photos.

When you look at her current photos, her boobs are very big compared to her skinny body frame. Usually, a woman with such a thin frame will not have such big boobs. However, she might just be one of the rare exceptions.

Her boobs, despite them looking gigantic, are completely natural. There is no taut skin around her cleavage. Her upper boob lines do not look overly round too. The natural sag of her boobs prove that she might just be having natural boobs. Check them out below:

viki Odintcova boob job before and after

Viki Odintcova breast augmentation

viki odintcova big boobs before and after

Viki Odintcova boob job photos

Viki Odintcova plastic surgery

Viki Odintcova beautiful plastic surgery

Viki Odintcova boob job photos before and after

Viki Odintcova full body plastic surgery

Viki Odintcova plastic surgery 2

Viki Odintcova plastic surgery before and after pictures

Viki Odintcova and Butt Implants Rumors

Butt implants are popular among celebrities. Some use butt implants to create that outrageous hourglass figure. However, some celebrities overdo it, ending up with a jutting butt, like Lil Kim.

For Viki Odintcova, her butt size looks completely natural. There is no obvious protruding butt. Together with her flawless skin, her butt looks incredibly sexy. There is no signs of butt augmentation or butt implants done at all. Check them out below:

Viki Odintcova butt job

Viki Odintcova butt implants surgery before and after

Viki Odintcova brazilian butt rumors

Viki odintcova butt job rumors

Overall, Viki Odintcova packs a very attractive package as a model. Her ample bosom and sultry looks could melt any man’s heart. She is arguably more attractive than Anastasiya Kvitko, who is another model from Russia. Nonetheless, it is great to know that Viki Odintcova got her beauty and body naturally, without any plastic surgeries. What do you think of Viki Odintcova plastic surgery rumors? True or false?

Jeffree Star Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jeffree Star Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jeffree Star is an American Singer-songwriter, makeup artist and fashion designer. He rose to fame using MySpace. Star is considered one of the greatest social media celebrities. At one point he had over 500,000 friends. Amazingly, he did it before Facebook became popular.

But his appearance forms polarising opinions. His ultra smooth skin and his androgynous look raise eyebrows. Now at age 31, netizens are speculating about Jeffree Star’s plastic surgeries. Some of the alleged plastic surgeries include lip fillers, hair transplant and chin augmentation.

Credit: (right) jeffreestar Instagram

Who is Jeffree Star?

As you have probably discovered, being an internet celebrity is often quite difficult. An internet celebrity will face unexpected challenges and long periods of criticisms. For Jeffree Star, he was brave enough to face all the obstacles in his bid to be a STAR.

Some of us get a nice head start due to our parents. Jeffree Star was perhaps inspired by his mother, a model who had regular assignments. Fiddling with his mother’s makeup tools at a young age might have groomed Star to become a top makeup artist.

Here are two rare snapshots of Jeffree Star in high school. He looked so “punky”:

And here’s another photo with that “Punks Not Dead” hairstyle:

Jeffree Star is also a musician. His only studio album is Beauty Killer, released on 22 September 2009. The album was a fusion of rock, electronic, dance and pop music. The album had mixed reviews and did not sell particularly well. It peaked on the Billboard 200 at position 122.

Nowadays, Star is usually busy with makeup tutorials on Youtube. His Youtube channel has a huge following. He has more than 4 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel. Just Amazing.

Jeffree Star’s boyfriend is Nathan Schwandt. They live in Los Angeles.

Jeffree Star shares about his plastic surgery adventures. Heck, he even shared about his boyfriend undergoing botox treatment! Watch the video below:

Jeffree Star and Lip Fillers

Jeffree Star once said that he does not look up to anyone in particular. And he tries not to make the mistakes other people have made. So, can you say that his use of lip fillers was a mistake? Check out this set of before and after photos below:

Credit: (right) jeffreestar Instagram

Watching his videos now, you will agree that his lip fillers use is a major success! Unlike other celebrities, he uses just enough lip fillers to plump up his sexy lips. Mind you, he is a make up expert and has mastered the art of his Liquid lipstick.

His lips has got to be PERFECT. And they ARE PERFECT.

Check out this video where Star shares how he got his lip fillers injected:


Jeffree Star and Chin Augmentation

Jeffree Star is honest about his plastic surgeries. He once said “I wasn’t born this perfect. I have had a bit of surgery, but not Michael Jackson-style.” It was rumored that he had his chin done for an episode of Dr 90210.

Did Jeffree Star fix his chin? Compare the photos below. What do you think?

Credit: (right) Jeffreestar Instagram

Most people opt to undergo chin reshaping surgery because they want a sharper and more defined chin. Having a sharper chin makes a person look more suave and cool.

When you look at the before and after photos of Jeffree Star, you can see there is very little difference in his chin shape. He already had a pretty sharp chin since his younger days.

Can anyone find any statement made by Jeffree Star about his chin? If yes, please let us know!

Jeffree Star and Hair Transplant

The thing we appreciate about Jeffree Star is his honesty. The reason why he has more than 4 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel is his honesty.

Star does not lie to his followers and subscribers. Star shares from his heart. He shares with his audience things that most people would keep as dark secrets.

One fine example is his sharing about his hair transplant process. Not only did he admit he underwent a hair transplant, he FILMED the process! We believe this video below, documenting his hair transplant process, WON him many new subscribers. Check it out:


Overall, Jeffree Star is an amazing internet celebrity. He embodies what an internet celebrity should be – Honest, Straight Talking and Full of Self-Belief.

His boldness to pursue his dreams is an inspiration to fans around the world. Unlike other celebrities, Jeffree Star is as frank as he could ever be. Plastic surgery or not, you have to agree that he deserves respect. What do you think of Jeffree Star plastic surgeries?