Lilymaymac – Instagram Social Media Model Profile

Lilymaymac – The Upcoming Pretty Instagram Star

Lilymaymac is an Australian Snapchat Queen and now also an Instagram power model who shares her makeup tips online. Most of her pictures have her lips and boobs as the main focus. Lilymaymac is also the target of plastic surgery rumors, saying that she might have had her nose, boobs and eyes fixed. Some even suggested that Lilymaymac might have fixed her jaw. But none of these accusations are proven true.

In November 2014, Lilymaymac has only 1000 followers on her Instagram account. As off today, she has more than 1.5 million and counting followers. Lilymaymac sure knows how to use the power of online social media to spread her name around.

Lilymaymac Race – What is Lilymaymac Nationality? Who is Lilymaymac?

LilyMaymac is part Filipino and part Australian model who is living in Sydney. Her Nationality is Australian and she is now 21 years old.

Watch the Video Below for a Brief History of Lilymaymac. You will be SHOCKED to see how she looked like when she was not famous yet:

What is Lilymaymac famous for?

Lilymaymac is known to be a popular blogger who updates her instagram status with sexy pictures. Some of her pictures only focus on her body but most of Lilymaymac photos include her facial features in detail.

Lilymaymac looking beautiful in closeup shots

Photo Credit: Lilymaymac Instagram

Lilymaymac most prominent and talked about features are her eyebrows, nose, lips and of course her boobs. She has a very thin frame, but not to the extent of looking anorexic. Lilymaymac is constantly subjected to plastic surgery rumours. Many observers do not believe that her boobs are real. Why not? Because her breasts look unbelievably big for her body frame. Check out her pictures and you know what I mean.

Another famous trait of Lilymaymac is the ability to indulge in sweet stuff like desserts, ice creams, cakes and all the good food without gaining weight. Such rich foods normally get people into weight control mode. But for Lilymaymac, she remains a babe with a slim body and bouncing boobs. You can find lots of food photos in her Instagram account.

Lilymaymac Gets in Your Face

Some observers say that Lilymaymac is a vain lady online who shows off her bags and looks. Well, if she has the assets to show, there is nothing wrong with it.

Lilymaymac has some expensive bags and watches

Photo Credit: Instagram @lilymaymac

Her looks kinda grow on your somehow. When you first look at there pictures, you don’t see anything much. But the more you look, the more you would want to follow Lilymaymac. And her slightly saggy boobs will set any man’s heart on fire.

Say what you will about her. Some words used to describe Lilymaymac include “fake”, “stuck up”, “superficial” and “shallow”. But Lilymaymac does not really care so much about such ill comments. Probably to Lilymaymac, the desired effect is achieved!

Clearly, your low self esteem is not a concern for Lilymaymac. She continues to flaunt all she wants.

Lilymaymac Got The Attention of Chanyeol of EXO

Lilymaymac and her boobs

Photo Credit: lilymaymac Instagram

Recently, due to Lilymaymac increasing popularity and beauty, band member off EXO, Chanyeol started following her on Instagram and it sparked out a whole series of insults and threats. Lilymaymac is completely innocent and becoming a flaming target for EXO fans is no joke.

Lilymaymac Instagram account was soon filled with expletives and hurtful words. Most of them coming from jealous fans of Chanyeol who claims that Lilymaymac has snatched away their idol.

The good news is, Lilymaymac Instagram account is still active and working the last we checked.

LilyMayMac Uses Her Increasing Fan Base

Why does online celebrities like Lilymaymac do what they do? With a strong following, product companies, especially those in the makeup and fashion brands, will approach Lilymaymac to do some product endorsements. If the product has a positive review by the celebrity, they might even provide free supplies and a lucrative spokesperson contract to go along.

Lilymaymac is fast becoming one of the most followed stars on Instagram. Lilymaymac once said

“Some followers think they’re being deceived but I don’t feel like they are. I wouldn’t really call them promotions – they’re more like inspirations.”

Looks like Lilymaymac definitely has something going on here.

Lilymaymac Has Worked With Big Brands such as General Pants, Oscar Wylee, Showpo, Bondi Sands and mobile game Jelly Flash. With her increasing popularity, the number of brands she represents or endorses is bound to increase over time.

Lilymaymac has certainly burst onto the entertainment scene with a bang. In a short space of less than 2 years, she has progressed from a normal person to one of the most followed personalities on the internet. Such is the power of social media. With such powerful social media presence, Lilymaymac will continue to be one of the key social influencer in fashion, makeup and hairdo.