Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job Rhinoplasty

Lee Min Ho Rhinoplasty Rumors and Did He Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

One of the hottest celebrities in South Korea, Lee Min Ho is the heart throb of many women in the world. His chiseled good looks has aroused suspicion of surgical enhancement to his nose and face. As South Korea is known as the hub of plastic surgery, there is no surprise that such cosmetic rumors arise about Lee Min Ho. Even female actresses like Han Ye Seul are not spared.

Popular Korean Actor Lee Min Ho has a pointed nose,making him handsome and win hearts


Lee Min Ho Has A Huge Female Fan Base

Lee Min Ho is always in the spotlight as a celebrity. In his career, he needs to maintain being handsome and charming to his fans. Looking at his before and after pictures, you can see there are differences. But the differences are actually minimal.

Watch a video of Lee Min Ho back in 2010 in MBC Drama Awards:

Compare that to a recent interview with Lee Min Ho in 2016. Do you see any difference?:

Plastic Surgery is Very Common In South Korea

In South Korea, plastic surgery is not only used to correct seriously cases of disfigurement, but also to make an already handsome face even more attractive. Lee Min Ho needs to slow down the effects of aging, keep the wrinkles and crows feet away. Looking good on camera is not an option, it ‘s a must.

His before and after pictures show a thinner and narrower nose. The nose has a more pointed look to it. Sharper noses generally make Asian stars look better.

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Gossip – He Denies IT ALL

Lee Min Ho is voted the most handsome Asian actor

However, Lee Min Ho has always denied rumors that he went for plastic surgery. He expressed firmly that he believes in natural beauty and look. Anything artificial is not to his taste and looks unnatural.

His supposed rhinoplasty procedure is never confirmed. Because Lee Min Ho will never admit to any plastic surgery done on his face.

Furthermore, he is still at a young age. Probably he does not need it at his age now.

From the latest pictures, his nose still looks natural. In fact, most of his features looks unaltered. Perhaps there are some changes due to natural aging but other than that, there is nothing out of sorts.

What do you think of Lee Min Ho plastic surgery rumors? Do you think there are any truths to it? Or is it just due to graceful aging?