K Michelle Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did K Michelle Undergo Plastic Surgery?

K Michelle, one of the most popular female singer today, has been the subject of plastic surgery speculation on the internet. The most popular speculation about K Michelle plastic surgery is butt augmentation. K Michelle before she was famous had a normal butt. But of recent years, her butt has literally grown from normal to a huge jutting protrusion. Even though K Michelle made an honest admission that she had them removed lately, that has not stopped new plastic surgery rumors from surfacing.

K Michelle Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

It came as no surprise that last year, K MIchelle mentioned that she wanted to get her butt implants removed. Perhaps she was too caught up in the jutting butt phenomenon and wanted to be part of the crowd. However, K Michelle realised that having a big kick ass butt has prevented her from wearing designer cloths. She said “It’s always a problem when it comes to designers and like when they have to get stuff to fit my body. That’s one thing, I’ve always had a big butt. You can ask anyone in college.”

Watch K Michelle in an interview when she was slim in 2009:

Watch K Michelle with her butt implants in full dance action below:

K Michelle And Breast Augmentation

K Michelle has been upfront about some of her plastic surgeries. In 2014, she told Huffington Post that she did have her breast implants surgery. She said “I got my boobs done, I had fat transferred to my butt, I sucked out the stomach. You know, just normal women things. And they say, ‘Are you really going to do this surgery [on camera]?’ I said, ‘Yes, because it’s my life.’ And I’m not ashamed. I’m not ashamed of wanting to suck the rolls out of my stomach.”

K Michelle Butt Implants

Just like many women, K Michelle felt more confident with a bigger set of boobs. She said “ I love my boobs. I look at them every day, I touch them, I love them. I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t gone through self-esteem issues, because we all do, but at this point, I like myself.”

The same could not be said about her butt implants though. K Michelle had them done but removed them after that. Looks like being normal has its benefits.

K Michelle and Liposuction

K Michelle also admitted to having liposuction. She was not shy about it and said that she is no perfect human being. Her frankness is commendable and it is rare to have such an honest celebrity regarding their looks.

K Michelle Botox injections

“What makes me relatable to my fans and to the world,” she explained, “is the fact that I show that I have flaws and I have issues, just like you. And my body has been a huge topic of discussion. People say, ‘she has one of the best bodies in the industry. Is it fake? Is it real? What does she do?’ I don’t lie about my body.”

K Michelle Plastic Surgery Speculation Continues

Despite her admission to various plastic surgeries, many netizens still speculate about other possible procedures. There were reports claiming that K Michelle underwent botox injections, cheek augmentation, eye lifts and lip fillers.

However, K Michelle dismissed all the rumors. However, she admitted that she used a “Voluma” treatment to puff her cheeks up. The overall effect was to have lifted cheeks, creating a much younger look. It is rumored that Voluma is able to provide a slight lift, taking years off a face.

And being so upfront about her plastic surgery procedures, it is unlikely that K Michelle has not revealed “all” that she has done. At least she does not leave her fans second guessing if she did this or that. K Michelle has her reasons for being so frank about things. She said “I don’t want little girls to feel like I really did wake up like this, okay? I’m not like that. You don’t have to do anything to be popular. You need to do what makes you happy. Don’t look at me as the poster child of ‘I need to change my appearance’ or whatever. For a long time I didn’t change my appearance. And now it’s something that I wanted to do. I woke up in the morning and wanted a little whatever, but you’re beautiful however you are.”

Definitely some words of wisdom for her fans. And it is refreshing to know that K Michelle teaches the right things to her young fans. What do you think of K Michelle plastic surgeries?