Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jodie Sweetin Undergo Plastic Surgery?

It is always a tough road being a Hollywood celebrity. Besides being good in what you do, you have to look good as well. And as we know, looking good is not always the easiest thing in the world. For Jodie Sweetin, she is a subject of much plastic surgery talk because of her drastic change in appearance, especially her boobs. Now at age 34, she has admitted to some plastic surgery procedures to enhance her looks. Some of the procedures have enabled her to increase her charm on screen.

Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery before and after photos

Jodie Sweetin is a popular American actress and television star. Her most prominent role was as STephanie Tanner in Full House. She was also involved in the spin off Fuller House. Sweetin also took part in Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars. She was knocked out at week 8 of the contest and finished in a respectable 6th place. With constant exposure in front of cameras, it is important for Jodie Sweetin to look her utmost best. The question is whether she used plastic surgery excessively to achieve her goals.

Watch the video below that tracks her career and her drug problems:

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Jodie Sweetin and Breast Implants Surgery

Breast augmentation remains a popular plastic surgery among women. Despite the bad publicity on silicon implants, women still opt to go under the knife to increase their boob size. Some say boob size affect their confidence a great deal. Well, looks like Hollywood celebrities view big boob size as a career staple.

Jodie Sweetin boob job before and after

For Jodie Sweetin, her before and after photos show a big difference in bust size. And she is not shy to talk about it. Looking at her improved bust line, her breast augmentation operation is a huge success. She definitely looks better than ever with her huge set of boobs.

Jodie Sweetin and Tummy Tuck Rumors

Another speculation about Jodie Sweetin is tummy tucks. As if her body curves are not good enough, some people suggest that she might have undergone tummy tucks to create a more impressive body shape.  While it is true that Jodie Sweetin has a body that is the envy of many women. it does not necessary mean that she achieved it through excessive plastic surgeries.

Jodie Sweetin botox injections facial fillers

So to all her haters out there, it seems that Jodie Sweetin does not have a tummy tuck. Even if she has one, its hard to tell anyway, unless she shows some scars in a bikini.

Jodie Sweetin and Lip Fillers Rumors

Another persistent Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery rumor is the use of lip fillers. Lip fillers are often used to pump up the sexy lips of celebrities. Though the effects can be fantastic, they are not permanent. Users of lips fillers need to go for “top ups” over the months and years to maintain those pout trout lips.

However, there are no obvious signs of Jodie Sweetin having swollen or enlarged lips. Her lips still look normal in her wide smiles and happy face. There seems to be no signs of lip filler injections at all.

Jodie Sweetin and Botox Rumors

Botox, the nemesis of wrinkles, is often used to take years of the user’s face. They are fast acting, effective, and takes a short time to recover. As such, it serves as a convenient remedy for celebrities who want to look as young as the newcomers in the entertainment industry.

Photo Credit: (right) Wenn

Photo Credit: (right) Wenn

For Jodie Sweetin, despite the persistent rumors about her botox use, her face still looks natural and nice. Perhaps she used it sparingly. As some people say, for successful botox application, it is a matter of “less is more”. But frankly, what we see of Jodie Sweetin today is a nice firm face without any lumpy look or plasticky restrictions.

Furthermore, with her nice complexion, there is hardly any need for botox injections.

Overall, Jodie Sweetin has a fantastic personality and is upfront with her fans and media. She does not shy away from all the rumors but face them head on. While it is true that she had a difficult past with drug addiction, it is encouraging to see that she is staying sober for now. Let’s look forward to more positive news from her in time to come. What do you think of Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery rumors?