Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Did Jennifer Lawrence undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Lawrence good looks have been subjected to scrutiny lately, especially with her appearance on the 2016 Oscars. Jennifer turned heads not only for her amazing gown but also how she looked different from her previous appearances. And according to OK! Magazine, it looked like Jennifer Lawrence have had some work done on her face. So, besides having her gown designed by Dior, looks like Jennifer Lawrence has open up a major topic for discussion.

Jennifer Lawrence has such a huge fan base. It was rumoured that a fan from Texas actually underwent plastic surgery to look like Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence Acting Career

Jennifer Lawrence is a popular actress who have also had cheer leading experience, played field hockey and also softball. She was born on August 15 1990 and started appearing on television at the young age of 14. Jennifer Lawrence also took part in smaller roles in shows like The Big Engvall Show, The Poker House and the Burning Plain. Then show that kick started her career was the show called Winter’s Bone.

Compare Jennifer Lawrence interview in 2010 to the second video:

And this is Jennifer Lawrence recently on the Jimmy Fallon Show, this is funny: 

That led to bit part roles in box office hits such as the X Men: First Class and House at the End of the Street. Her starring roles in Catching Fire in 2013 and The Hunger Games: Mockingly Part 1 in 2014 led to the films being blockbuster movies in their respective years.

Jennifer Lawrence has cosmetic surgery rumors

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Jennifer Lawrence Pressure to Look Good

Like any Hollywood celebrity, there is a constant pressure to look good. For Jennifer Lawrence, she worked her way up from a bit part role to a leading role in movies. Thus, it is natural for her to take a more cautious approach to her career. With the increasing trend of plastic surgery to make one stand out from the crowd of celebrities, it is no surprise that Jennifer Lawrence might be tempted by cosmetic enhancements.

Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery – Lip fillers

Her later roles in films require her to have more expressions on screen. This is a natural requirement to be a leading female role in a movie. Her lips look fuller and there is also a wider smile recently. The shape and size of her her lips looks more shapely and puffed up. Puffed up lips are deemed to be more sexy in today’s context. That is why lip fillers are getting really popular.

Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning now

It is also obvious that Jennifer Lawrence had her upper lip “snipped”. This allows her to have a wider smile and and to express herself much better during acting.

Puffy lips enable the gloss of their lipstick to shine through, creating an alluring effect. Perhaps her lips enhancement has contributed to her improved performance on screen. But one must note that  Jennifer Lawrence has never admitted to having any plastic surgery done on her.

Jennifer Lawrence Admitted to Rhinoplasty

Jennifer Lawrence did mention that she had a nose job done, not for cosmetic purposes but more for correction purposes. She claims that she needed to have a nose job to correct a deviated septum.  The nasal septum is the partition “wall” that separates the two nasal cavities. And if it is deviated, it is necessary to correct it.

Call it good news or bad, the nose job has resulted in a perfect looking nose for Jennifer Lawrence. Her old nose used to look rounder and more bulbous. After the nose job, her nose looks smaller and more pointed. The nose now sits well balanced with the rest of her facial features.

Jennifer Lawrence And Blepharoplasty

Perhaps in an effort to make her eyes more attractive and sexy, Jennifer Lawrence is rumoured to have undergone a blepharoplasty. In simple terms, its also known as an eye lift. An eye lift removes the sageness from the lower eyelids and also gets rid of the excess skin on the upper eyelids. Her eyes now look bigger and also wider. This provides a greater smile for Jennifer Lawrence. With a greater and nicer smile, her enhanced eyes must have given her a big boost in confidence.

If you look closer, her pupils look more distinct and the eye whites are more defined.

Jennifer Lawrence and Suspected Boob Job

There were also rumours that Jennifer Lawrence has undergone breast augmentation. No doubt her boobs are looking big and sexy right now. But could it be due to plastic surgery? In Hollywood, its hard to find a female lead with small boobs anyway. Thus, it could be due to peer pressure to have boob size of respectable proportions. That might have driven Jennifer Lawrence to get a boob job done. However, because Jennifer has never said anything about this, we shall not form our own conclusions.

But seriously, we do not see a possible boob job done on Jennifer Lawrence at all. Her boobs shape and size do not shout “breast implants!”.

Overall, though Jennifer Lawrence only admitted to her rhinoplasty procedure, her fans and observers in discussion forums think otherwise. Most of them think that Jennifer has opted for more than one plastic surgery to look this good.

Like Vanna White, Jennifer Lawrence understood the importance of having slight touches in plastic surgery rather than heavy ones. Heavy and excessive plastic surgery causes the celebrity to look unnatural and artificial. But for  Jennifer Lawrence, she still looks stunning and beautiful despite all the speculations. Even without applying make up, it seems like Jennifer Lawrence still looks good. With her present net worth of almost $42 million, it is only a matter of time when Jennifer Lawrence will go for more appearance enhancements. Whether they involve plastic surgery or not, it is a choice only to be taken by Jennifer herself.