Janeane Garofalo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Janeane Garofalo Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Janeane Garofalo, one of the most recognised actress who has starred in movies like Reality Bites and The Matchmaker, is the subject of much plastic surgery rumors. Her recent photos in 2014 do not resemble her younger days at all. There seems to be two different persons in the photos. Such an outcome is very startling as she was still looking alright about 7 years ago. Some of Janeane Garofalo’s alleged plastic surgeries include lip fillers and botox. But it must be noted that she looks much like her old self starting in 2016.

Photo Credit: (left) Gary Gershoff WireImage, (right)XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM

Photo Credit: (left) Gary Gershoff WireImage, (right)XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM

Janeane Garofalo started her comedy career as a stand up comedian. Slowly but surely, she became a prominent feature on The Ben Stiller Show, The Larry Sanders Show and Saturday Night Live. Her recent appearance with Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd in the Netflix 8 episdoe prequel to Wet Hot American Summer shows that she is still game enough for newer roles in entertainment.

Everything was quite normal for Janeane Garofalo till she appeared in New York City back in 2014 with a very puffy face and swollen lips. At that time, her expressions on the photos did not help either. With her pouty lips and glum expression, those pictures sparked a whole series of plastic surgery speculations about Janeane Garofalo.

Watch Janeane Garofalo in an interview back in 2009:

Compare to a recent interview where Janeane Garofalo talks about Garry Shandling:

Janeane Garofalo and Botox Injection Rumors

Botox, as we all know, is available to the common person as well as celebrities. Its relative affordability has helped bring plastic surgery to the masses. And it is effective too, especially when used in small doses. The positive effects it has on celebrities like Christie Brinkley reaffirms Botox is an effective weapon against women’s worst enemies, fine lines and wrinkles.

Photo Credit: (left) Jeff Vespa Wireimage, (right) Santiago Felipe Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jeff Vespa Wireimage, (right) Santiago Felipe Getty Images

But the worst thing Botox can do is to create lumpiness on the face. When used excessively, it backfires. Yes, you can look wrinkle-less but you will look like a monster. And to be sure, its important to get an experienced plastic surgeon to do the job.

For the case of Janeane Garofalo, her botox injections seems like a game of Russian Roulette, or like a box of chocolates – or to put simply, she never knows what she is gonna get. She had this to say “I [get Botox] twice a year. So I’m not going to be one of those people that’s like, ‘Oh, isn’t it awful. You see no movement.’ Yes, I do do that and, you know, whatevs. I do it and, I don’t know, sometimes it’s looked awful. Sometimes it looks fine.”

Well, perhaps the first few botox jabs did help her greatly. Sometimes things can get so wrong from a right. It is very possible that her fantastic first experience with botox was a pre cursor to botox addiction.

Nowadays, many celebrities, especially those in the early 40s and 50s, face a lot of pressure to keep up with the young and emerging stars. And Hollywood is no time waster. If you do not look good enough for the part, opportunities slip away. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Janeane Garofalo getting botox jabs. Just that its a pity that her plastic surgeon just got things so wrong.

Hate to say this, but Janeane Garofalo looked so much prettier in her younger days. Maybe we will never get to know her plastic surgeon. But if he or she is still treating her and using botox, its about time Janeane Garofalo do something about it.

Janeane Garofalo and Lip Fillers Rumors

It is sad when a celebrity tries to catch on to something that has passed her by. Such is the feeling many get when a celebrity tries too hard to regain their looks. Lip fillers is meant to create plump and full lips for ladies. Many women believe fuller lips create a more sexy look. But for some men, plump lips are such a turn off.

Photo Credit: (left) Steve Granitz Wireimage, (right) Brent N.Clarke Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Steve Granitz Wireimage, (right) Brent N.Clarke Getty Images

For Janeane Garofalo, her sole focus on her lips and botox use has left her lips pretty detached from the rest of her face. Her swollen lips do not match with the rest of her facial features at all. Instead of making her sexier, those thick lips of hers have created a weird and creepy look on her. 

But an update in 2016 is that she is looking fine again. This could be due to the lip fillers having subsided after the botched job. After all, lip fillers need to be topped up to have a continuous effect. If they are not topped up, the lips eventually go back to their natural thickness.

Janeane Garofalo and Breast Reduction Rumors

For most women, having a set of bigger boobs is heaven sent. They receive an immediate boost in self confidence and self esteem. However, not all women behave this way. A small group of women actually prefer to have their boob size reduced.

Photo Credit: (left) imdb.com, (right) Santiago Felipe Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) imdb.com, (right) Santiago Felipe Getty Images

And one of these people seems to be Janeane Garofalo.

She admitted to having a breast reduction procedure as her boobs were too big for her 5 foot body frame. Truly, her breasts have reduced in size in her before and after photos.

Janeane Garofalo and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are another option for celebrities to enhance their looks. Facelifts are known to take years off anyone’s face. However, despite intense speculation, Janeane Garofalo face does not seem to have undergone facelift.

If she had undergone multiple facelifts, it will show on her face. Her face skin will be tightened. Her overall facial look will be very tight and taut. However, we do not winess this on her face.

Yes she might have used botox and lip fillers, but seems like a facelift is rather unlikely.

To be fair, Janeane Garofalo seems to have recovered her natural looks in 2016. The alleged “botox stiffness” seems to have disappeared. Her lips have gone back to natural thickness. She looks normal again it seems, compared to her shocking photo in 2014. That definitely spells good news for her fans. Let’s hope that she keeps it that way for years to come.

Overall, it is a pity that Janeane Garofalo is not aging gracefully. Surely, as a celebrity, it is important to keep yourself looking fresh and pretty. But for Janeane Garofalo, one wonders if she did research before engaging (if any) her plastic surgeon.Nonetheless, we hope that Janeane will soon come up with new comedy material and share with her fans. What do you think of Janeane Garofalo plastic surgery rumors?