Heidi Montag Cries With Mum Over Plastic Surgery Decision

Heidi Montag Cries Over Mum’s Reaction to Plastic Surgery

Heidi Montag, one of the most prominent celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery, cried as she confronted her mum in The Mother/Daughter Experiment show : Celebrity Edition. To fully understand her reaction, let’s look back at what Heidi did in her career that warranted a disappointing reaction from her mum.

Earlier, we have covered in a blog post where Heidi Montag underwent 10 plastic surgeries in one day. Those surgeries created a storm in the entertainment industry as it was unheard of. Heidi became a household name for plastic surgery after she underwent all the procedures.

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But that was in 2010.

Heidi Montag's Mum feels she should look natural

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Perhaps when she was 5 years younger, Heidi went on to pursue perfect looks despite all odds. Heidi got what she wanted. But that decision to undergo the knife was not what every mum wants their children to go through. Like every mum who loves her children dearly, Heidi’s mum Darlene, was not fascinated by all those plastic surgeries her daughter went through.

Darlene’s comment that said “ I felt that you were much more beautiful before” caused the drift between mother and daughter.

And this distance was kept for many years till the latest episode of The Mother/Daughter Experiment show. Well, one could understand that it must have hurt Heidi that after all the pain she had to go through, her mum insisted that she looked better in her natural self. However, Darlene indeed had a point as Heidi Montag indeed looked great even before the plastic surgeries and did not need to enhance her looks further.

What can We learn from This?

All children should understand that every mum is willing to forgive their children if the child is willing to reconcile.

To every mother, their children are perfect in their eyes. As such, having plastic surgeries might not get the blessing of some mothers. However, whether the children have done some bad stuff or underwent plastic surgery, so long as the children knows their way back to their mum, it will always melt the hardest heart of any mum.

In the world of entertainment, we often hear stories of celebrities being ill treated by their parents while they were young. Though some of these cases are true, we can be sure that at some point in their lives, their mum offered their unconditional love to the kids.

And in the case of Heidi Montag, Mum certainly knows best because years after the surgeries, Heidi Montag confessed that she regretted going through the plastic surgeries. So, it proves that mum knows what is the best for their kids. But sometimes, the kids just won’t listen to them.