Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Ellen Pompeo Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Ellen Pompeo is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. She is best known for her role as Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy. Some of the plastic surgery rumors about Ellen Pompeo includes the use of Botox and facial fillers.

Ellen Pompeo began her career almost 20 years ago in 1996, where she debuted on television in a show called Law & Order. Subsequently, as she became more noticeable, she appeared in guest spots for Strangers With Candy. Her acting improved tremendously and earned much acclaim. Ellen Pompeo went on to win significant awards like the Golden Globe nomination. Some of the movies Ellen starred in includes Moonlight Mile, Old School and Daredevil.

Her role in Catch Me if You Can also sparked box office success. The movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, had some serious traction in the box office and garnered more than $352 million on a tiny budget of $52 million. The next blockbuster hit that Ellen starred in was Daredevil which grossed more than $179 million worldwide. These blockbuster movies catapulted her to cult status in the acting world.

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer-Griffin, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer-Griffin, (right) Getty Images

Some of Ellen Pompeo’s awards also included the Satellite Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series in 2007 and the People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Drama Actress in 2013. However, Ellen Pompeo experienced the greatest success on television series. Her role in Grey’s Anatomy generated her load of financial success. Through the series alone, she was rumored to have pocketed $7 million for her role in 2011. Ellen followed up that record earnings with another $9 million in 2012. Who says only movie stars make the millions?

This is what Ellen Pompeo looked like in 2010:

Compare that to her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. This is hilarious!:

Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Speculations

Being in the limelight for almost 20 years, there will be rumors circulating how Ellen Pompey managed to maintain her youth. If you look at her before and after pictures, you realise that there are very little changes in Ellen Pompeo’s looks over the years. Of course there are some signs of natural aging, but she still retains a strong sexy charm despite being age 46 now.

Ellen Pompey cheek lifts

One of the major plastic surgery topic on Ellen Pompeo is her cheeks. Some say its due to her weight gain after giving birth to her daughter that caused the puffy cheeks. However, some choose to believe that her lifted cheeks are due to surgical intervention. At age 46, there can be signs of saggy cheeks in some people. But for Ellen Pompey, instead of having saggy cheeks, she seems to buck the trend. Popular celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn shared that “Ellen Pompeo’s cheeks look puffy. It’s possible she may have had some filler injections into her cheeks.”

It was noted that Ellen Pompeo was at one stage, very very thin. However, since child birth, she has not gone down to her scary thin weight, which is actually a good thing.

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images

Ellen Pompeo’s Smooth Forehead

Whenever a celebrity has flawless skin and a smooth forehead, the speculation of Botox use will surface. If you are a great fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you know that Ellen Pompeo’s forehead never shows any wrinkles. Overdose of Botox can cause restrictions in a person’s expression. For Ellen Pompeo, though there might be Botox use, her face still looks natural. It is possible that she did not want to infuse too much of the artificial substance on her face.

So, the main plastic surgery allegations are cheek lifts and Botox use. While we can speculate all we want, there is no confirmation from Ellen Pompeo that she underwent any form of plastic surgery. But one thing is for sure, Ellen Pompeo still looks as hot as ever. What do you think of Ellen Pompeo plastic surgery rumors?