Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Daryl Hannah Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Some people think it is crazy to deny that Daryl Hannah has undergone plastic surgery. Such is the heavy speculation surrounding Daryl Hannah. For years, fans and observers have been debating what procedures Daryl Hannah has been through. Though Daryl Hannah has never publicly confirmed that she has undergone the knife, many people assume that she has based on her unnatural looks in recent photos. Some of the alleged Daryl Hannah plastic surgery includes eye lift, botox injections, facial fillers, cheek implants and lip fillers.

Photo Credit: (right) Sense8 Panel

Photo Credit: (right) Sense8 Panel

Daryl Hannah is a fantastic American movie actress. She was recognised for superb performances in movies such as Blade Runner, Splash, Roxanne, Steel Magnolias and Kill Bill. She also directed in a few shows such as The Last Supper and Strip Notes. In her younger days, she was an attractive beauty with look that will make every woman envious. She did not need to resort to plastic surgery at all. Perhaps one botched plastic surgery led to another and it was hard to stop.

Watch a flashback video on ET when Daryl Hannah was interviewed in 1984:

Compare that to a recent interview with Daryl Hannah about Sense8:

Daryl Hannah and Eye Lift Rumors

Eye lifts are popular procedures to reduce the eye bags and give the loose skin around the eyes a good lift. As the aging eye is the first tell tale sign of aging, many celebrities undergo this seemingly simple procedure. But as we all know, sometimes, its the simple things that go very wrong.

Photo Credit: (left) Everett Rex Feature, (right) news.com.au

Photo Credit: (left) Everett Rex Feature, (right) news.com.au

For Daryl Hannah, looking at her before and after pictures, her eyes seem to sink in further than her earlier days. Somehow, though there are few wrinkles and fine lines around her eyes, the skin around her eyes look lumpy and unnatural. Usually eye lifts help to make a person’s eyes look bigger but for Daryl Hannah, her eyes seem to look smaller.

Daryl Hannah, Botox injections and Facial fillers Rumors

If only celebrities heed the advice from Christie Brinkley about botox, there would not be so many botched botox jobs. The overdose of botox has caused much misery to many celebrities and commoner alike. Signs of botox and facial fillers overdose include a lumpy face and artificial look.

For Daryl Hannah, there seems to be a combination of plastic surgeries gone wrong. Her forehead looks like its jutting out of her face and her cheeks, chin and nose seem to have been inflated with substances. Though we can never tell what was inserted, there are strong suggestions by netizens that it might have been botox and facial fillers.

Daryl Hannah and Cheek Implant Rumors

Sagging cheeks bother many women as they age. It creates an image that is 10 years older than a person’s actual age. Sagging cheeks also create more wrinkles on the face by dragging the facial skin downwards. Some undergo facial masks to keep their cheeks tight and smooth while those on the extreme will go for plastic surgeries such as a cheek implants surgery.

Photo Credit: (left) triviatribute.com, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) triviatribute.com, (right) Getty Images

For Daryl Hannah, her lumpy appearance has added to the suspicions of a cheek implant surgery. The interesting thing to note is that as Daryl Hannah aged, her cheeks start to fill up. They look like they are protruding out from her face. it is unlikely that it is achieved through weight gain because Daryl Hannah still looks the same physically. How we wish that Daryl Hannah chose to grow old gracefully instead of opting for plastic surgery.

Daryl Hannah and Lip Fillers Rumors

Having a set of thick and full lips is the focus of many female celebrities. Many feel that having such thick lips reflect increased sexiness. For Daryl Hannah, her before and after pictures shows a distinct difference in her lip shape.

Lip fillers injections are not permanent. The effect of the plump lips fade away with time. The user will need to “pump” up the lips time and again to maintain that look. For Daryl Hannah, she have had her plump lips for quite a while. There is a possibility that she is still looking for help in her lips today.

Overall, when you look at Daryl Hannah’s younger photos, you cannot help but think why did she opt for plastic surgery. Though we cannot confirm what Daryl has went through, it is almost a guarantee that she would have looked better if she just allowed herself to age gracefully. After all, Daryl Hannah is just 55 years old now. She should not have had so many ill effects showing on her face. Let’s look beyond her looks now and appreciate what she has done for the filming industry instead.