Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Christina Hendricks Undergo Plastic Surgery?

If you have ever watched the show Mad Men, you would have noticed a gorgeous woman with big breasts played by Christina Hendricks. Christina Hendricks is one of the hottest latest on and off screen with the biggest boobs you will see. It is due to her huge bust size that led to much speculation about her undergoing the knife for a bigger bustline.

Christina Hendricks is an American actress who made her name through her role as Joan Holloway in the drama series Mad Men. For her role in the series, she was well recognised by fans and accolades alike, garnering six Emmy Awards nominations. Her latest role is as Celine in the Comedy Central sitcom Another Period.

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Before Christina Hendricks was famous, she was a model from age 18. She started her string of television appearances in the series called Beggars and Choosers. Besides her role in Mad Men, many fans remember her for her appearances in ER and Firefly. Now approaching age 40, there is still not shortage of roles available for Christina Hendricks. Could it be due to her sex appeal due to her enormous breasts?

Watch Christina Hendricks look back at her high school days below:

And here is Christina Hendricks in the 2016 SAG Awards Arrival:

Looking at Christina Hendricks before and after photos, we can see that her breast size has increased over the years. Her first photo posing in the bikini ironically shows a smaller breast size compared to the latest shot of her bosom. However, since the picture taken in the bikini was done many years ago, it is possible that the bikini did not have the latest push up technology we have today, hence rendering her breasts looking smaller. Furthermore, it does not help that in her later pictures, Christina Hendricks tend to take the push ups to another level, preferring to pressure her breasts upwards of her chest. This gives the illusion of her breasts being ultra huge. Yes, no doubt her breasts are of considerable size but the extreme push up effect has brought them to another level.

The reason why there is so much speculation about Christina Hendricks boobs is because when she was younger, she had a skinny frame and it is unthinkable that her breasts could grow to such size. Even reputed and well known plastic surgeons suggest that she might have undergone breast implants surgery to get her boobs to this size. And we all know that breast augmentation surgeries are very popular among celebrities. So Christina Hendricks might have gone for that.

And quite honestly, no one is complaining about her big and full boobs.

Some say that it might be due to her fluctuating weight that has resulted in the big boobs gain. Well, its hard to fathom a corresponding increase in boob size due to weight gain is not accompanied by weight loss.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Christina Hendricks and her Hair Pieces

Another popular topic about Christina Hendricks is her hairline. If you notice in her earlier days, her hair used to be thinner at the crown and it was evident that she had lesser hair then. Of recent years, she has been appearing with a full head of hair at red carpet events. That has sparked rumors of wig use by Christina Hendricks. Yeah, we know wig use has got nothing to do with plastic surgery. But then, since it makes a huge difference in how she looks, we felt its worth a mention.

Christina Hendricks and Nose Job

Christina Hendricks Nose Job rhinoplasty

Another point of discussion is Christina Hendrick’s nose. In her older photos, she has a nose that is rounder and more bulbous. Christina Hendrick seems to have perform a miracle to narrow her nose bridge and reshape her nose. Latest photos show a thinner nose and a more pointed nose tip. Rhinoplasty or nose job is commonly used by celebrities to balance their nose with other facial features. The desired result of a nose job is usually a sharper nose tip. Sometimes, celebrities opt for smaller nostrils as well. However, there are celebrities who have gone overboard with nose jobs and ended up with plastic surgery disasters.

Christina Hendricks Denied Plastic Surgery Allegations

In 2011, Christina Hendricks told DailyMail “It’s so bizarre that people are constantly asking if my breasts are real or fake.They’re so obviously real that anyone who’s ever seen or touched a breast would know.” Well, fact is nobody has ever touched her boobs and reached a verdict.

Christina Hendricks went on to add that she does not encourage others to undergo plastic surgery. She said “I hope I’m not encouraging that. If there’s anything to be learned from me, it’s that I’m learning to celebrate what I was born with.”

Most men will develop lustful thoughts upon the sight of a set of big boobs. For ladies, some might want to achieve the same desired big breasts of celebrities. And sometimes its sad that fans think of their idols as perfect human beings. Things are worsened when celebrities are not honest about some of their plastic surgeries. The question is did Christina Hendricks really undergo the knife? What do you think about Christina Hendricks plastic surgery?