Chloe Ferry Plastic Surgery Latest News – Her Nose!

Chloe Ferry Plastic Surgery Addiction is Getting Out of Hand

We have done a previous feature on Chloe Ferry plastic surgery speculations by seems like one post does not cover the entire story.

In recent reports and pictures, Chloe Ferry has taken a step further to make herself “look better”. And seems like its getting to the point of no return. Her latest pictures reveal startling shots of her face. Now, she looks artificial and her nose is turning towards the shape of Michael Jackson’s nose.

chloe ferry plastic surgery before and after

Her nose is pointed like never before. Looks like she requested her nose tip to point upwards into the sky. Her swollen lips just does not look so right on her.

But who are we to say that she looks worse off than her natural self? After all, its Chloe Ferry herself, the queen of controversies.

Watch her falling over after a party recently. Her face says everything.

And as if all of these surgical enhancements is not enough, check out her oversized lashes and eye brows. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to her enlarged poster. It’s even scarier than watching any of Wes Craven’s horror movies.

Despite all the comments others made about her latest appearance, Chloe Ferry is confident that the plastic surgeries she has undergone has made her look better, not worse.

She said “I’m a bit addicted to surgery and I don’t think I’m going to stop”. There is absolutely no signs of regrets from Chloe Ferry. A bit addicted? That’s a gross understatement.

Chloe Ferry also told Heat Magazine “When you look at me when I started Geordie Shore I was awful and now I look a lot better because I got work done”

Looks like she will not stop having these surgical enhancements.

Addiction can seriously impair a person’s line of thought and perception. Looks like it has gotten to Chloe Ferry.