Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Ashlee Simpson Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Most celebrities are obsessed with their appearance. Any slight wrinkle or bump on their face will call for emergency action. For Ashlee Simpson, there are wide speculations that she used lip fillers, breast implants, rhinoplasty and chin surgery to enhance her already great looks. One major cause of the rumors is her drastic change in appearance in the past few years.

Photo credit: (left) Ray Williams Celebrity Photo, (right) Getty Images

Photo credit: (left) Ray Williams Celebrity Photo, (right) Getty Images

Ashlee Simpson is a popular American singer and songwriter. She has also acted in several films. Her high profile relationship with Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz had many fans following her marital status. Ashlee got married to Pete Wentz eventually but sadly, the fairy tale marriage ended in divorce in 2011. Her hardworking nature led her to continue working in the music industry, producing the single “Bat for a Heart” in 2012. Currently she is married to Evan Ross and has a child with him, giving birth to a baby girl in July 2015.

Childbirth can spell serious changes in a woman’s body. Some gain alot of weight and find difficulty in shedding those excess pounds after pregnancy. But for Ashlee Simpson, she has the discipline and persistence to keep her weight low after childbirth. This shows the importance she puts on her appearance. After all, to stay competitive in the entertainment industry, it is important to maintain one’s youth and beauty to stay ahead of the game.

Watch a very young Ashlee Simpson on the Ellen Show:

Compare that to the recent appearance of Ashlee Simpson below:


Ashlee Simpson and Nose Job rumors

Nose jobs are popular among celebrities. They want to have the perfectly shaped nose so they appear fantastic on the red carpet march at important events. For Ashlee Simpson, you can see from her earlier photos that she had a slight bump on her nose. The bump mysteriously disappeared from her recent pictures. It could be due to a nose job well done.

Photo Credit: (left) sgranitz wireimage, (right) Amy Graves Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) sgranitz wireimage, (right) Amy Graves Getty Images

Typically, the desired outcome for rhinoplasty is to have a sharper and thinner nose. For Ashlee Simpson, it looks like the nose job was necessitated by the bump on her nose. Though she did not admit to the nose job, her dad told Fox News: “Girls have their own ideas. Anyway, there was a real problem with her breathing and that was cured.” So did he let the cat out of the bag? We leave it to you to decide.

Ashlee Simpson and Chin Surgery

Looking at Ashlee Simpson before and after photos, one cannot help but notice the distinct change in her chin shape. Her chin now looks more defined and sharper. Could it be an optical illusion since her nose is much smaller now? Well, its hard to tell. But at certain angles, her chin looks scarily unnatural. Her chin looks so pronounced that it seems to be protruding out of her face.

Ashlee Simpson and Breast Augmentation

Photo credit: (left) AKM GSI

Photo credit: (left) AKM GSI

To keep up with her sex appeal and fend off against competition, Ashlee Simpson might have undergone breast augmentation. Bigger boobs are known to inject a healthy dose of confidence and optimism in any woman. Ask any woman if they would like to have bigger boobs, most of them will want to experience that.

Ashlee Simpson Breast augmentation

At the beginning of her career, Ashlee Simpson was not famous for having a big bust size. In fact, her earlier photos show that she did not have the set of impressive boobs she has now. However, her bigger boobs do not have the artificial look of breast implants. Most breast implants will make the patient’s breasts looking very round and taut. Thus, there is no clear evidence that she underwent a boob job. Considering Ashlee has given birth to two kids as at the time of this post, her increased breast size could very well be due to childbirth.

Overall, the talent and discipline of Ashlee Simpson can never be doubted. Despite all the rumors, she is able to excel in her field of interest and that is commendable. What do you think of Ashless Simpson plastic surgery rumors?