Lee Joon Gi Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lee Joon Gi or Lee Joon Ki Undergo Plastic Surgery?

South Korean celebrities are often suspected to have undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks. Lee Joon Gi (aka Lee Jun Ki) , a popular actor, is the subject of online plastic surgery rumors. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include a nose job or rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery. To determine if he underwent the knife, one must look at the before and after photos of Lee Joon Gi.


Lee Joon Gi is a South Korean actor, model and singer. Due to his good looks and slightly mild demeanour, Lee Joon Gi is widely known as a “flower boy” icon. He had his breakthrough in popular television dramas Time Between Dog and Wolf, IIjimae, Arang and the Magistrate and recently Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Many new age South Korean stars hinge their popularity on good looks and superb complexion. Such features are almost a staple on any South Korean male celebrity. It is not surprising that Lee Joon Gi might have faced the pressure of always looking good on screen.

His good looks and humble ways have led him to overseas stints as his popularity in other countries like Singapore and Taiwan grew.

Watch Lee Joon Gi being interviewed 4 years ago:

Compare that to a recent interview, check out his chiseled jawline:

Lee Joon Gi and Nose Job Rumors

The nose is often a popular shortcoming for many celebrities. Most Asian celebrities yearn for a sharper and more pointed nose, together with a thinner nose bridge. There are well documented cases of botched nose jobs (just think of Michael Jackson) but that does not stop celebrities from taking the plunge to do it.

For Lee Joon Gi, the changes in his nose structure has led many to believe that he underwent a nose job. Typically, the shape of the nose sets in when a male reaches age 18. And for Lee Joon Gi, such drastic changes in his nose shape could not be due to natural means. Some tell tale signs of a nose job include a distinct protruding nose bridge and a sharper nose tip. This nostrils seems to be reshaped to fit the new nose shape. Overall, it is a job well done as he looks much sharper and more alluring.

Lee Joon Gi and Eyelid Surgery

Another popular online rumor is Lee Joon Gi eyelid surgery. In his earlier photos, Lee Joon Gi had slit like eyes which made him look normal and no different from the rest. However, in his recent pictures, his eyes sparkle with a slight increase in size. Some say that its due to clever makeup and eyeliners.


Looking at his before and after photos, we do not see much changes on his eyes and there is no sign of eyelid surgery. In fact, his eye bags seem to have grown bigger. If he had undergone any eyelid surgery, it is likely that he would have removed them.

Lee Joon Gi and Chin Surgery

Lee Joon Gi served his military service about 6 years ago. When netizens spotted a much sharper chin, they sparked rumors that Lee Joon Gi might have undergone chin or jawline surgery to make his face look sharper.

However, Lee Joon Gi’s shaper face could very well be due to his weight loss, causing him to look more chiseled and fit. Not all changes in face shape is due to plastic surgery. After all, Lee Joon Gi already looks great without the sharp chin. He does not need to undergo such drastic measures to reshape his chin. Thus, it is highly probable that his sharper face shape is due to regular exercise and dieting.

Overall, Lee Joon Gi seems to defy the effects of aging. Now at age 34, he has the looks to compete with the younger South Korean stars emerging in the entertainment industry. Maybe its due to his excellent care and maintenance or it could be due to going under the knife. For that, we can never form absolute conclusions as Lee Joon Gi has never admitted to having anything done. What do you think of Lee Joon Gi (Lee Joon Ki) plastic surgery rumors?