Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Has plastic surgery changed Carrot Top?

“I’m sorry that I look good.”

Those were the words prop comedian Carrot Top used in an episode of Oprah, Where Are They Now. It was his comical answer to accusations that he had gone under the knife. Carrot Top is one of the most talked about plastic surgery gone wrong celebrity today.

The star’s typical response to these allegations is to evade them or laugh them off. In some interviews, he denies needing plastic surgery at all. The changes to his appearance show otherwise.

Who is Carrot Top?

Carrot Top, or Scott Thompson, attained fame because of his standout prop comedy style. According to the comedian himself, few other comics can write or perform prop comedy. His mane of bright red hair is as famous as he is.

These days, the star is well-known for another reason. Changes to his appearance have caused critics to speculate that he underwent plastic surgery. Many have remarked that his new look is rather freakish.

The prop comedian reacts to the negative feedback by using humor. He becomes evasive or denies allegations that he has used surgery to improve his looks. Stark contrasts between his early and present photos cast doubt on his denial. His earlier and later interviews reveal changes in his appearance. Take a look at them before deciding if the plastic surgery accusations are true.

Carrot Top in The Early Years

There are photographs of the celebrity at the start of his career circulating the net.

Carrot Top, in previous years, had thin cheeks. There was no puffiness.

Carrot Top had thin cheeks

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His eyebrows were straight in the 1990s. The comedian had a narrow chin at the time.

Carrot Top has a narrow chin at first

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He skin, in earlier years, was spotty. Its tone, as seen in this picture, was uneven. You will see these flaws if you take a close look at him.

Carrot Top has spotty facial skin

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Source: Wikipedia

He was also slender, as seen in this 2012 interview :


The prolific stand-up comic’s image has evolved over time. Take a close look at Carrot Top when he first rose to fame in the 1990s. There is a marked change in how he looks these days.

Carrot Top Plastic surgery procedures

Hollywood pundits believe that Carrot Top may have undergone a series of surgical transformations.

The first of these is an eyebrow lift. Compare earlier and current photographs of him. You will find that he has V-shaped eyebrows that make him look a little devilish.

Carrot Top eyebrows look devilish now

Photo Credit: (left) LIFE, (right) Pinterest

While he had an uneven skin tone in the 1990s, he has flawless skin now. Hollywood pundits speculate that plastic surgeons may have given him Botox injections.

The area around his eyes looks clearer than before. This change has led many to think that he may have undergone laser skin resurfacing. The procedure gets rid of any skin irregularities and blemishes.

Look at this before and after photo. You will see that he has no wrinkles around his eyes, although he is almost 50.

Carrot Top plastic surgery eyelids

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Carrot Top’s cheeks look much fuller than they did before. Plastic surgeons speculate that he may have gotten cheek implants.

The star’s physique has also changed. While he was lean before, he looks like a bodybuilder now. This drastic change points to possible steroid use.

In this recent interview, the celebrity denies having used steroids. The denial aside, his face and physique have transformed. It is possible that he relies on them.

Carrot Top’s appearance has become different over the years. Look through his images and decide if he has altered his looks with surgery. What do you think of Carrot Top plastic surgery?