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Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lindsay Lohan undergo plastic surgery? The Rumors And Suspicion

Lindsay Lohan Cosmetic Surgery Before and AFter

Photo Credit (Right): Getty Images

Botox, lip fillers and cheek fillers are the talk of the day when people talk about Lindsay Lohan. Besides her daring exploits with the law and drugs, she has kept herself looking great with a shapely figure.

The video below shows Lindsay Lohan in her late teens and being interviewed on the way to superstardom:

Watch this video below in 2012 where she looks much more matured, confirming her entry into grown up stardom:

Compare that to a 2014 interview Lindsay Lohan had with Jimmy Fallon. Note that the Lindsay have not had many closeup interviews recently. The recent news of physical abuse from her boyfriend Egor really make us feel angry and sad.

Being an American Model, actress, musical artist and producer, Lindsay Lohan needs to keep a vibrant and everlasting image for her fans. With numerous tabloids and paparazzi surrounding Lindsay, it is no surprise that her face will be scrutinised for any cosmetic work done.

Botox is Commonly Used by many celebrities

Botox is one of the greatest inventions in plastic surgery. Some might argue that it should be used as a preventive measure, while some say its should be use when wrinkles start to show. Regardless, Botox injection is a common procedure used by many celebrities to hide their fine lines and wrinkles.

And over the years, Lindsay Lohan has grown from the cute little girl to a mature sexy woman.

When you look at the before and after photos of Lindsay Lohan, it is reasonable to suspect that she has got some fillers in her cheeks and lips. Though not necessary as Lindsay is still amazingly young at age 28 years old, she need to keep her looks youthful and beautiful. The good thing about Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery that she did not go overboard with the surgeries. Examples of plastic surgeries disasters include Jocelyn Wildenstein “Cat Woman” and Pete Burns.

Lindsay Lohan Did not Go Overboad with Plastic Surgery

Even if fillers were used, they were used in the moderation and never out of control. The proportions of her face still look natural and she still retains much of her natural beauty. Though not all addictions to plastic surgery ended up as disasters, many do. Some uncommon cases of successful plastic surgery includes Heidi Montag and Kate Gosselin.

Some magazines might argue that her plastic surgery procedures did not go according to plan. But in our view, it seems that plastic surgery did improve her looks. Just don’t use her small little girl past as a benchmark.

Despite Her Troubles, Lindsay Lohan still looks great

Lindsay Lohan has gotten herself into trouble for drugs and behavioural issues. Those were pretty bad decision made by her. Though no one can ever confirm what are the plastic surgery procedures Lindsay Lohan underwent, we view that her cosmetic surgeries are a success. With an improved bust line and still natural looking face, Lindsay Lohan still looks like the winner, just don’t use any mug shot to judge her.

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery outcome? Let us know how your feel.