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Kim Kardashian before Plastic Surgery Botox and Butt Implants

Kim Kardashian before Plastic Surgery and After the Breast implants

How many Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Procedures were there?

Kim Kardashian has always been associated to nips and tucks, laser treatments, breasts implants, butt implants, Botox injections, chemical peels, liposuction, face work and lip fillers. But that comes as no surprise. Her full lips and high cheekbones is her signature look.

Kim Kardashian came from the days of having sex tapes exposed to a true superstar and trend setting icon. But changing her status from a reality star to a superstar also came with her changing face and body shape. Kim Kardashian plastic surgery has always been the talking point on her way to the top.

Want to Know How Kim Kardashian Looked like in 1994? Watch the Video Below: 

And this is Kim Kardashian On Hollywood.tv in 2007, Kim appears after the 31st second of the video:

Kim Kardashian admitted to People Magazine that she had laser hair removal on her forehead as she felt it was the “craziest and hairiest hairline” and she had to remove it. Did laser plastic surgery and got rid of the tiny baby hairs.

Kim Kardashian when she was young

Photo Credit: (left) rebloggy.com via Pinterest, (right) hollywood.com via Pinterest

Though she openly admitted to the removal of forehead baby hair, Continue reading →