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Chloe Lattanzi Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Chloe Lattanzi Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Some say that the question surrounding Chloe Lattanzi should be the number of plastic surgeries she has had, rather then if she had undergone plastic surgery. Being the only daughter of Olivia Newton-John, Chloe Lattanzi has been under the limelight since young. However, her changing appearance is worrying her mother and fans. New reports suggest that she might have removed a rib to get a Barbie body.

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images

Her obsession with plastic surgery has progressed to what many suspect to be body dysmorphia. It is a condition where an individual can never feel satisfied about her cosmetic enhancements. This includes her obsession with weight loss – no matter how thin she gets, there is always this urge to do more.

Some of Chloe Lattanzi plastic surgery rumors include a nose job, facial fillers, botox, breast implants, waist and thigh sculping. Some of these procedures are painful and takes months to recover. However, all the pain and inconvenience is not stopping Chloe Lattanzi from getting more plastic surgery.

Watch Chloe Lattanzi in a short clip from Wilde Girls:

Compare that to a recent Chloe Lattanzi interview below:

Chloe Lattanzi Denies having Plastic Surgery

One point to note is that Chloe Lattanzi has never admitted to using plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Her response to such allegations are very similar to her mum’s. In a recent interview, her mum, Olivia Newton-John also insisted that she has never undergone plastic surgery. However, Olivia’s bloated face told another story.

Chloe Lattanzi and Lip Fillers Rumors

Photo Credit: (left) Ron Galella,Ltd Wireimage, (right) David Livingston Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Ron Galella,Ltd Wireimage, (right) David Livingston Getty Images

Lip fillers are often used to pump up the lips. Plumper lips are deemed to be more sexy. While this view is often held by ladies, not all men feel that filler infused lips look sexy. In recent times, plump lips are much sought after by celebrities. For Chloe Lattanzi, her before and after photos show a distinct change in lip size. Considering the fact that lip sizes do not really change at her age, there is a possibility that lip fillers were used.

Chloe Lattanzi and Boob Job

Breast implant surgery, or breast augmentation, is also a common plastic surgery for ladies. Many ladies want a healthier and bustier boob size. Though bust creams might be a painless alternative, they do not have the immediate impact of a breast augmentation surgery. With the advancement in technology, breast implants have become safer over time. However, risks associated with breast implant surgery remains.

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram /chloelattanzi

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram /chloelattanzi

For Chloe Lattanzi, in her effort to look more desirable, her boob size has ballooned significantly. The change is so drastic that it is hard to fathom any other method, other than breast implant surgery. However, since Chloe has maintained that her body is natural, there is still a chance that her breasts size grew significantly due to late puberty perhaps.

Chloe Lattanzi and Botox Rumors

Chloe Lattanzi’s face has also undergone serious changes. Her current face looks a bit plasticky and unnatural. This could be due to her usual heavy makeup nowadays. Being a social media model on Instagram, almost every inch of her face is scrutinised. Most online models will put on heavy makeup before taking their pictures, Chloe Lattanzi is no exception.

However, no amount of heavy makeup is able to lift her cheeks to such an extent. Somehow, even the skin around her eyes look plumper. It may be Chloe is trying to achieve a more sharper facial profile. But we can never be sure. All we can see is that something is done to her face.

Overall, Chloe Lattanzi still looks alright for now. However, if she continues to make adjustments year after year, botched jobs are bound to happen. Whatever it may be, it is her life and she has the power to choose what she wants to do. Most of her fans might just hope that nothing wrong will ever happen to her cosmetic enhancements. What do you think of Chloe Lattanzi plastic surgery rumors?