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Gabrielle Union Plastic Surgery Rumors – Compare Before and After Photos

Did Gabrielle Union Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Gabrielle Union is an American actress who began her career in the 1990s. Now at age 44, signs of aging are starting to creep in. Being the wife of All Star Basketball Player Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union is subjected to lots of media attention. Some of the alleged Gabrielle Union plastic surgeries include a nose job and cheek implants.

Gabrielle Union was born on October 29, 1972. It was reported that she grew up in a all white community. She wrote “I was a black girl in an all white school in an all white community, never feeling good enough, but always being encouraged by my parents to be bigger, badder and better. And perfect is the standard. That’s an immense amount of pressure to put on a child.”. She grew up with the perspective that blonde women represents beauty and “if I looked nothin like that, then I must be ugly.” And in 2013, Union actually dyed her hair blond.

Early Beginnings of Gabrielle Union

From her early audition for “Saved by the Bell”, Gabrielle Union progressed to play more roles in many teen films such as She’s All That and Love & Basketball. Her breakthrough came about in the film Bring It On where she played the role of Isis.

Here is Gabrielle Union giving tips on how to ace an audition in 2009. Check out her cheeks were pretty high already:

Gabrielle Union Nose Job Are Just Rumors

And here are the photos of Gabrielle Union in Year 2000 and Year 2016. Can you pick out any difference?

Photo Credit: (left) J Vespa Getty Images, (right) Bravo Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) J Vespa Getty Images, (right) Bravo Getty Images

In her earlier picture, Gabrielle Union looks very young and full of zest! Her later photo in 2016 shows an enhancement of her features. This is not to say that she underwent plastic surgery. She has improved in her makeup skills for sure. Her eyebrows are trimmed nicely now. Her smile looks fantastic. Most importantly, her nose shape has not changed much at all. Cheek implants? No evidence of that at all as she still looks natural.

Still not convinced that Gabrielle Union is all natural? Watch the videos BELOW:

Watch an Gabrielle Union interview video below back in 2007. You can see that she is beautiful with minimal makeup:

Compare that to Gabrielle Union’s appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show recently:

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Gabrielle Union Cheek Implants Just Rumors

Let’s take a few more examples. Here, we place a photo of Gabrielle Union in 2003, attending the 2003 Smashbox Fashion Week in Los Angeles – Jaime Pressly Spring Collection, beside a 2016 photo. This 2016 photo was taken from the premiere of “Almost Christmas”. Check them out.

Photo Credit: (left) Amy Graves Getty Images, (right) Paul Archuleta Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Amy Graves Getty Images, (right) Paul Archuleta Getty Images

It is not surprising that Gabrielle Union looks basically the same, with no apparent signs of plastic surgery. Her eyes seems bigger than before due to her extended eye lashes. She opted for thicker eyebrows nowadays for a change. Cheek implants? Are you nuts? Those cheeks have remained the same after so many years.

One might argue that her nose bridge seems narrower. But that is just an optical illusion due to her thicker eye brows. If you would just place a finger across both pictures and observe her nose bridge again, you will see that her nose bridge is of the same width.

What About Those Gabrielle Union Instagram Photos?

Recently, there has been rumors circulating online that Gabrielle Union’s Instagram photos show signs of plastic surgery. Ok, let’s take a quick look at a photo she posted.

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Union instagram

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Union instagram

This is one of the photos she posted very recently. Her nose, cheeks and smile still looks to same! There is no sign of plastic surgery once again. There are some netizens who point at some photos showing a sharper nose but they might well be photoshopped and not real.


Here is another set of photos that show Gabrielle Union is all natural. On the left is a photo back in 2006 at the Carolina Herrera Los Angeles Boutique Opening. On the right is a photo of Gabrielle Union in 2016.

Photo Credit: (left) Gregg Deguire Getty Images, (right) Robin Marchant Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Gregg Deguire Getty Images, (right) Robin Marchant Getty Images

While it is true that her makeup in the later photo is thicker, her facial features remain the same. Union has a set of beautiful teeth too and she is not afraid to show them in her smiles.

How could anyone insist that she has undergone the knife?

And here come another set of photos to prove that Gabrielle Union has not undergone any nose job or cheek implants. On the left is a 2009 photo of Union attending the Los Angeles TASCHEN book Launch party, while on the right is a 2016 photo of Union attending the WGN America’s Underground party with John Legend.

Photo Credit: (left) Michael Caulfield Getty Images, (right) Araya Diaz Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Michael Caulfield Getty Images, (right) Araya Diaz Getty Images

Once again, her nose bridge width has remained the same. Same nose tip shape. Her amazing adorable dimples are still there. Her 2016 photo shows that Gabrielle Union looks beautiful even with minimal makeup. Even though wrinkles are absent from Union’s face, it is clear that she has not used facial fillers or botox.

Gabrielle Union has managed keep those aging signs at bay. Could it just be GOOD GENES?

Overall, Gabrielle Union plastic surgery rumors are just pure speculations. There is not an element of truth in them. Union has never admitted to undergoing any plastic surgery procedure. Based on her present unaltered photos, it is clear that Union is all natural. It is rare for someone to have no wrinkles in mid 40s. But Gabrielle Union has managed to keep those fine lines away. Who knows? She might start her own skin care line someday. What do you think of Gabrielle Union plastic surgery rumors?