Taeyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Taeyeon Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Taeyeon, one of the most popular members of SNSD is the highlight of plastic surgery rumors online. Some say she had eyelid surgery to make her eyes bigger and prettier. There is also the suspected nose job that got her nose shape more pointed. Some even claim that Taeyeon underwent jaw surgery to give her the more chiseled look. Well, as South Korea is becoming the crown capital of plastic surgery, it is inevitable that most members of the group Girl’s Generation is subjected to such plastic surgery gossip.

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery before and after photos

Kim Taeyeon or better known as Taeyeon is a South Korean singer. She became popular when she started in the girl group Girls’ Generation and also in the ballad group SM the Ballad. Taeyeon subsequently decided to strike out on her own and debuted as a solo artist in October 2015. Her lead single “I”, topped the Gaon Digital Chart and has sold over 1 million copies online. Her career growth sparked a lot of media attention and Gallup Korea rated her as the third most popular artist in 2015 and Forbes Korea regarded her as one of the Top 40 Power Celebrities of 2016. Taeyeon was also recently picked by twenty music companies to be the Best Female Vocalist in April 2016.

Now at age 27, she has to keep her image clean and young. When she made her debut back in 2007, there were already rumors of her before and after transformation. There were numerous comments on how simple she looked before she got famous and the beauty she is now.

Watch Taeyeon early in her career below. She appears at 0:28 of the video:

Compare that to Taeyeon’s latest music video below:

Kim Taeyeon and Nose Job Rumors

Taeyeon has always denied nose job surgery rumors. However, if you look at the before photos of Taeyeon, you find that her nose used to be flatter. These days, her nose bridge is more defined and her nose tip is sharper. This could be the result of a nose job. Nose jobs are able to make a person’s nose size be in balance with the rest of the face.

Kim Taeyeon nose job eyelid surgery and jaw surgery

However, not everyone shares the same opinion. Many of her fans are fierce protestors of the nose job rumors. They claim that Taeyeon’s nose looks sharper due to clever use of makeup and shading. It is true that an expert in makeup can contour a nose using clever use of colors. This can result in the nose looking sharper than before.

Since Taeyeon has never admitted to any nose job, it is hard to conclude whether she had a nose job.

Taeyeon and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Many Korean celebrities undergo eyelid surgeries. They want their eyes to appear bigger and to have double eyelids. Such obsession can drive them to suffer the pain and agony under the knife. Double eyelids also make the eyes appear bigger and thus look more attractive on-screen. In Korea, since many people have narrow slit eyes, double eyelid surgery is a popular option.

For Taeyeon, her earlier photos show slit-like, small eyes. There were no signs of double eyelids.  However, in the later pictures, she is seen with fuller and bigger eyes with clear double eyelids. Some fans deny that Taeyeon has ever had eyelid surgery. There is also the possibility of Taeyeon having double eyelids by long term wearing of contact lenses.

Taeyeon might have done something to remove the eye bags under her eyes.

Taeyeon and Jaw Surgery

In her younger days, Taeyeon had a rounded chin and fuller cheeks. However in recent years, Taeyeon is photographed with much slimmer cheeks and a sharper chin. Such drastic change from her youth has sparked jawline surgery rumors. Jaw surgery is usually done to have a sharper chin. If there is indeed a jaw surgery performed, Taeyeon’s plastic surgeon has done an excellent job. There is no scarring and the outcome is amazing. Looking at Taeyeon before and after pictures, it is unthinkable that she can transform herself into such a beauty.

Whether Taeyeon has had plastic surgery, nobody except her will know the truth. But one thing is for sure, Taeyeon has grown prettier with each passing year. She has this ability to defy the effects of aging. She has replaced her innocent looks with her amazing smile and beauty. What do you think of Taeyeon plastic surgery rumors? Let us know in the comment box below