Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Melissa Gilbert Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Melissa Gilbert, a famous actress and television director, has long been a subject of plastic surgery rumors. Some of her plastic surgery speculations include a boob job, nose job and cheek implants. There were also recent news that she might have had lip injections, Botox or other fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm.

Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery before and after photos

Melissa Gilbert has a long career, starting from being a child actress in the late 1960s. Through widely recognised and appraised films such as The Diary of Anne Frank and The Miracle Worker, she has established herself as a talented actress. With her popularity, she took voice roles for animation films such as Batman: The Animated Series. Now in her 50s, it is inevitable that Melissa Gilbert wants to look her best in the future years.

Watch an interview with Melissa Gilbert in 2008:

Compare that to a more recent interview with Melissa Gilbert below:

Melissa Gilbert and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs are popular among celebrities. Some celebrities have their noses done at a young age. Being a delicate plastic surgery, any wrong move will result in disastrous consequences. A botched nose job will require numerous revisionary rhinoplasty procedures to get it right.

Melissa Gilbert botox fillers nose job cheek lifts

For Melissa Gilbert, her later photos do not show a distinct difference in nose shape. However, if you look at her much younger photos, you realise that she have had a much rounder and flatter nose. Typically, a girl’s nose should be fully developed at age 18. But, no matter of transformation could have sharpened her nose to such an extent. Could it be due to clever makeup? Possibly. But still, persistent rumors of a nose job remains believable.

Melissa Gilbert and Botox Injections Rumors

Some renowned plastic surgeons like Dr Paul Nassif has explained that Melissa Gilbert might have had fillers and Botox injections. Botox injections are common among celebrities and commoners alike. This is due to the ease of application and the quick recovery process.

For Melissa Gilbert, there is some slight hints of fillers use and botox injections. The slight unnatural smiles and lumpy areas are dead giveaways. The fillers and botox might have helped to remove some of the fine lines that formed due to aging. There is no doubt that Melissa Gilbert is looking younger than her age. However, it cannot be confirmed if she used Botox or other fillers as she has never admitted to using them.

Melissa Gilbert and Breast Augmentation

Melissa told ETonline that she once had breast augmentation because her former husband at that time said that her breasts look like “socks full of marbles with knots at the top”. She underwent a breast augmentation surgery in 1992 and had the saline implants done.

Melissa Gilbert boob job

And after she breastfed her second son Michael, Melissa Gilbert said that her boobs got to an enormous size of 34EE. She went for breast augmentation again in 2004 to get her old implants replaced by silicone implants. At the same time, to correct her boobs, she had a breast lift too.

However, Melissa eventually have had enough about the obsession on outward appearance. She said “It was like a light switch going on,” she says. “The shallowness of my existence at that point brought me to my knees. I had to change. I had to look inward and address my issues.”

And she decided to remove her implants after more than a decade with fake boobs.

After a great deal of thought and research I have found a surgeon here in Michigan who is going remove my implants forever!” she shares. “I am in a place where I am truly happy with myself. … I’m enjoying aging.”

During the interview, Melissa Gilbert had the best piece of advice for wannabe beauties. She said “Aging is a gift not a curse,” she writes. “Love yourself. You are perfectly beautiful. You are enough.”

Overall, it is fortunate that Melissa Gilbert did not overdo any of the plastic surgery procedures. She still looks largely natural and not disfigured like some of the botched plastic surgery outcomes. She should be recognised more for her achievements rather than her plastic surgeries. What do you think of Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery rumors?