Lily May Mac Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lily May Mac Plastic Surgery Rumors. Did LilyMayMac Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Many netizens are talking about the possibility of Lily May Mac (Lily Maymac) having undergone plastic surgery to look like her today. There are speculations from observing her before and after photos that she might have opted for a few cosmetic procedures to be done. Seems like many do not believe that her current good looks is natural.

Credit: lilymaymac instagram

Credit: lilymaymac instagram

Lily May Mac (Lily Maymac) is a well-known model who shares lots of her makeup tips online using videos. She is also fond of taking selfie videos that last a few seconds to showcase herself to the world. Her development from a young innocent girl to a beauty sensation on the internet has taken the world by storm. Below is a short video that shows her progress. Not everybody likes the video though.

However, despite all the plastic surgery allegations, Lily May Mac (Lily Maymac) has denied all the accusations. She is well known for her short videos showcasing her selfies at her instagram account @lilymaymac.

Here she is sharing her HOT video:


Being on famous on the internet, your past is always under scrutiny. That’s what happened to Lily May Mac (Lily Maymac). Some of her fans or haters started to dig out her old posts from her Tumblr, Twitter and other social media platforms.

What did they find?

Lily May Mac (Lily Maymac) Plastic Surgery – Nose Job, Chin Augmentation and Lip fillers?

Old photos that look radically different from Lily May Mac (Lily Maymac) now. What they found out was: Her nose was not as sharp, her lips were not as full, and her jawline and chin were not as defined.

Credit: lilymaymac instagram

Credit: lilymaymac instagram

Observations are just observations. We know that with skilful makeup, one can turn a plain Jane into a big time sultry beauty.

So it is still not fair to say that Lily May Mac (Lily Maymac) have had plastic surgery to look this good today.

However, one obvious change on her face has to be her nose. Nose shapes are the hardest to hide using make up. This is because each nose has a fundamental shape to it and no makeup will ever be able to change it.

Lily May Mac plastic surgery rumors are they true

Photo Credit: Instagram

And it is near impossible for a lady above the age of 20 to alter the shape of her nose without surgical intervention or rhinoplasty.

So the possibility of Lily May Mac (Lily Maymc) having a nose job is still there. Some say that Lily May Mac (Lily Maymac) might have used contouring makeup techniques to “narrow” her nose bridge. Well, its still possible, but it is difficult to make it consistent.

Here is one of her latest videos, what do you think about her nose?

Lily May Mac (Lily Maymac) Plastic Surgery Abuse From Fans Of EXO

And recently, through no faults of Lily May Mac (Lily Maymac) , she was at the receiving end of plastic surgery abusive comments. This time, it’s because one of the K-Pop Star, Park Chanyeol of EXO, followed the model on Instagram.

Some of the presumably jealous fans turned on Lily May Mac (Lily Maymac) , accusing her of plastic surgery and saying unkind words that she was ugly and disgusting. Some even focused on her denials on plastic surgery, calling her “fake”.

Credit: lilymaymac instagram

Credit: lilymaymac instagram

Things started to get really heated up when abusive and vulgar words started to appear on Lily May Mac Instagram account.

Lily May Mac kept her cool and stated on her Websta account the following message:

Lily May Mac denies plastic surgery

Credit: Websta

‘I have not said anything bad about EXO-L’s or Chanyeol (I’ve never met/talked to him),’ the 21 year old wrote. ‘Please don’t believe these stories that aren’t true. Also no I did not undergo plastic surgery. Oh and I’ll be in Osaka on Friday!’ 

Credit: lilymaymac instagram

Credit: lilymaymac instagram

Whatever it may be, it is not Lily May Mac’s (Lily Maymac) fault that she got such abuse. Hopefully the model who is at a young age of 21, will not be too affected by these plastic surgery rumours and have a successful career ahead. What do you think of Lily May Mac (LilyMayMac) plastic surgery rumours?