Kesha Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Kesha Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Kesha plastic surgery has been the topic of choice among netizens and her fans. This is largely due to her ever changing looks in the last five years. From having perky boobs to lifted butt, Kesha is never short of controversy. Naturally, for her to do well in the music industry, it is important that she keeps herself looking fresh and young through plastic surgery. However, we need to take a look at her before and after photos to determine if she has indeed gone under the knife.

Usually, most observers will analyse a celebrity’s old photos and compare to the recent ones to see what has changed. For Kesha, she is now aged 29. This is an age where the signs of aging will start to kick in. Thus, the famous singer behind htis such as Tik Tok and We R Who We R will feel the pressure to look good on screen. Kesha draws her music inspiration and style from icons like Madonna and Queen. We wonder if Kesha will follow the footsteps of Madonna in term of plastic surgery.

Here is Kesha talking about her birth in a party thrown by her mum. This video should be around 2009:

And here is Kesha Describing how she broke into Prince’s House recently:

Kesha Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Photo credit: (left) Splash News, (right) Instagram

Photo credit: (left) Splash News, (right) Instagram

Looking closely at the before and after photos of Kesha, there is a change in the shape of her nose. This shape change looks very obvious as her older photo shows a much rounder and thicker nose bridge. Some fans claim that the difference in the nose shape could be due to the clever use of makeup. Well, we know that makeup can work wonders nowadays but its hard to change the structural shape of a nose using makeup or coloring. And it is a well known fact that Kesha is a celebrity who prefers minimal makeup. Thus her current sharper and more pointed nose suggests a strong case of rhinoplasty or nose job being performed.

Kesha Plastic Surgery Possible Breast Augmentation

Did Kesha have breast implants?

Photo Credit: (left) Wenn, (right) Instagram

Another area of Kesha plastic surgery discussion is her boobs. Did Kesha really get a boob job? How did Kesha boobs get to so big? One must be wondering if she has got late puberty for the sudden growth of her breasts. Kesha’s boobs looks bigger and fuller than she used to. The shape of her current breasts looks round and tight on the skin. This suggests the possibility of a breast implants surgery being performed.

Kesha Plastic Surgery Possible Butt Augmentation

Did Kesha go for butt augmentation?

Photo Credit: (left) Wenn, (right) Getty Images

One of the hottest trends in the last two years is butt augmentation. This popular procedure was once shunned by celebrities because it is meant to give the look of an obvious jutt butt. With many celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lil Kim opting to undergo butt implant surgery, it is now becoming the norm for many celebrities.

Looks like the big butt bug has also bitten Kesha. Her old photos show a slimmer and flatter butt than now. Now, her butt looks very lifted, giving her the well sought after butt shape. If having a perky butt is what Kesha has been looking for, then we must say that her plastic surgeon did an excellent job.

Overall, there is no conclusive admission by Kesha about her plastic surgery procedures. We can only guess and base our opinions on the analysis of her before and after photos. Whether she has undergone the knife or not, we look forward to more great music from Kesha, to please the eardrums of her fans. And my Kesha look young for years to come. What do you think of Kesha plastic surgery?