G Dragon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did G Dragon Undergo Plastic Surgery?

G Dragon, with his outrageous appearances and outfits, is the subject of much kpop plastic surgery gossip discussions. Though he is only age 28, wild speculations about his cosmetic procedures are prevalent online. His change in facial appearance led many to believe that he has undergone the knife. Some of the rumored procedures include a nose job, jawline surgery and teeth alteration.


G Dragon is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and powerful fashion icon. He created his own breakthrough with his solo album Heartbreaker in 2009. It yielded the Number 1 Single Heartbreaker which was a milestone in G Dragon’s musical career. His subsequent efforts earned him the Record of the Year at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards. Of more significance was becoming the World’s Best Entertainer and World’s Best Album Awards at the 2014 World Music Awards.

However, one question is on many fans’ minds. Did G Dragon have any plastic surgery?

G Dragon and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs are popular in the West as a means to reduce their nose size appearance. Generally, Asians have smaller noses and tend to be less pointed. Most Asians who undergo rhinoplasty will want a sharper nose and a narrower nose bridge.


For G Dragon, his before and after photos show a drastic difference in nose shape. It is highly probable that he has undergone a procedure to change his nose shape. What appeared to be more rounded and bulbous has become sharper and more defined. His thick nose bridge that acccompanied his younger days seems to be gone.


Watch a Young G Dragon in an interview back in about 2009. He might have had some work done then:

Compare that to a recent interview with Big Bang, G Dragon starts to talk at 2:20:


G Dragon and Teeth Surgery

As the plastic surgery industry gains momentum and goes mainstream, many do not consider teeth surgery as plastic surgery anymore. But having an ugly set of teeth can cause major hindrances in photo taking. As far as celebrities are concerned, standing in front of the camera is a daily job. As such, many choose to alter their teeth to improve their wide smiles.


For G Dragon, his before photos show some uneveness in his teeth arrangement. In his later photos, his smiles are more confident, showing a perfect set of teeth. Either he got his set of veneers or he got some other procedure done. It is evident that the plastic surgery has done a great job because G Dragon just looks splendid!

G Dragon and Jawline Surgery rumors

Jawline surgery is commonly used by patients to gain a sharper and more defined chin. For G Dragon, his before photos show a slightly more chubby and round face. In fact, at certain angles, he looked a slightly boy like. However, his recent photos show a chiseled and well defined chin, suggesting he has undergone a major jawline surgical revision. Whether he has undergone the surgery or not, we must admit that he looks much better than his younger self.


The combination of a more defined chin and a more angular face make him look more macho than his younger days. Together with well groomed eye brows and makeup, G Dragon looks the part of a pretty boy for sure.

Overall, G Dragon manages to do what most South Korean celebrities could do. And that is, to look much better than their pre-stardom days without signs of plastic surgery overdose. Fact is, most of the overdone faces from South Korea are usually from female celebrities. Male celebrities seem to have better luck going under the knife. What do you think of G Dragon plastic surgery rumors?