Emily Ratajkowski Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Emily Ratajkowski’s improve her body with Plastic surgery?

The pressure to look good on runways and magazines is intense, as any supermodel will tell you.

American model-actress Emily Ratajkowski will echo the sentiment.

The star of Robin Thicke’s video Blurred Lines has a figure all women envy. Her killer looks have captured worldwide attention. Fans wonder if she went through plastic surgery to improve her already good looks.

Who is Emily Ratajkowski?

Emily’s sultry looks first caught attention when she appeared in Robin Thicke’s music video, Blurred Lines. Her career has catapulted since.

The video raised her profile as a sex symbol. She appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Her modelling career has progressed to that of artistic erotica and high fashion. She has appeared in high-profile magazines like In-Style, FHM and Cosmopolitan.

She gained fame as an actress, starting as Ben Affleck’s mistress in Gone Girl. Roles in Entourage, We Are Your Friends and The Spoils Before Dying soon followed.

Emily Ratajkowski did plastic surgery?

Photo Credit: (left) David Becker Getty Images, (right) Instagram @emrata

The Emily Ratajkowski Plastic Surgery Speculation

The model first gained attention with her fresh face and lissome figure. She shot to fame with her natural looks and schoolgirl pout.

She seems to have lost that fresh face over time. Emily has taken on the glamorous look associated with runway models. Her figure, which was lissome before, is now more voluptuous. The model’s nose is now better defined, and her lips, thinner.

Emily has yet to confirm most of these rumors. Hollywood observers believe that she has undergone surgical transformations. The changes she may have made to herself are subtle but noticeable.

Photo Credit: (left) pcwallart.com, (right) justjared.com

Photo Credit: (left) pcwallart.com, (right) justjared.com

Emily Ratajkowski and breast augmentation

Photos credit: @emrata

Photos credit: @emrata

The most noticeable difference is that her slim figure is now curvy.

Her breasts are now much bigger than when she first started her modeling career. Their roundness seems too perfect to be real.Surgeons believe that she has enlarged them with implants. The model poses in artistic erotica pictures that show them off.

Emily Ratajkowski and rhinoplasty

The actress’s nose looks different in recent photos. The bridge has become sharper and narrower.

Though the star has yet to confirm rumors about the surgery, you can see a clear difference in how it looks now.

Emily Ratajkowski and Botox

A person will have furrows on his forehead, no matter how young he is.

Emily does not have any lines on it at all. The lack of creases leads many to believe that she had botox injections to keep herself youthful.

Here is Emily Ratajowski answering 73 questions recently:

This is how she looked like in 2013, check the differences:

Emily Ratajkowski and a brow lift

Her forehead seems higher now than in her earlier pictures. It leads many people to believe that she had a brow lift.

Emily Ratajkowski and lip reduction

Emily had a natural pout which caught the attention of producers when she first modeled. Her sultry lips seem to have become thinner in recent photos.

Emily Ratajkowski and cheek reduction

The star’s cheeks look slimmer than when she first started her career. She may have undergone liposuction around the cheek area. She could also have lifted her cheekbones to give them better definition.

The 24-year-old seems to have lost her natural beauty. She appears to have changed it with plastic surgery. Whether she has or not, her new look is just as alluring.