Coco Austin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Coco Austin Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Ice-T’s wife, Coco Austin, is widely known as a plastic surgery cover girl. As a glam model, Coco Austin is often scrutinised for her latest plastic surgery alterations and enhancements. However, years ago, Coco Austin was a far cry from what she is now. Most famous personalities have a non-glorious past. But what was Coco Austin like before she became famous?

Coco Austin is a famous American actress, dancer and glam model. She is also active in social media and is well known in the online community. Coco became famous when she married rapper actor Ice T in January 2002. And with their first child born on November 28 2015, Coco and Ice T has one of the strongest celebrity marriages in Hollywood.Coco Austin plastic surgery before and after

Watch Coco Austin and Ice T On the Jimmy Fallon Show just recently:

Coco Austin and Butt augmentation rumors

Coco once said that she “didn’t know why boys liked her”. Looking at the pictures, there is hardly any reason why boys should NOT like her. Coco’s iconic jutt butt is famous on television. Coco is also known as one of the most bootylicious babe on daytime TV. But did she really have butt augmentation?

Coco butt augmentation

In one of the episodes of the show Ice & Coco, famous plastic surgeon Dr Christopher Johnson was invited to inspect Coco’s rear end. His expert conclusion was “There’s not an implant there. I don’t feel fat injected,” Dr. Johnson proclaims. “I can certify this is a real, natural butt.” Dr Johnson does not think that there was any fat injected into Coco’s butt at all.

However, despite the declaration from Dr Johnson, there are still fans who think otherwise. Comparing her past photos to her current photos, her growth in butt size cannot simply be due to aging. Her butt seems to have grown a tremendous lot “outwards” in recent years. With the emphasis on butt size nowadays, it is important that Coco stay up to date and challenge other butt conscious celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lil Kim. So, what’s your take on this?

Coco Austin once went on the Ear Candy Mornings Radio show and insisted that she would not do anything to hurt her butt. She said “I mean, I hate to be a hypocrite; you’re gonna do what you want with your body. And I believe you should go under the knife, if you really want to. But, I believe that… right now, we’re sitting on our booty. It’s not like you sit on your chest. Your chest is kind of out of the area, but you’re always using your legs and that part of your body.

So I don’t think you should do anything with it because something might get whacked out of place. A boob can [even] get whacked out of place and I’m still careful with that so, that area, I would stay away from.”

Coco Austin and Breast Augmentation

There were also talk of Coco Austin having undergone breast augmentation to boost her breast size. It is every girl’s dream to have a huge bust to show off to others. Some say large breasts boost their confidence, some say they just add on to their arsenal of assets. While there are all kinds of push up bras to feed many women’s imagination, some celebrities decide to go for breast implants to have a more permanent effect.

Coco Austin butt augmentation

For Coco Austin, her humble past pictures show a not so impressive set of breasts. However, in her later pics, Coco was able to wear bikinis showcasing her enlarged breasts coupled with deep cleavage. Could it be the result of breast augmentation? Probably. But Coco Austin has only admitted to a breast implant procedure when she was 18. The outline of her breasts looked too high up her chest for it to be natural. Natural breasts just do not look this way.

It is amazing what plastic surgery can do to a person. Whether Coco Austin is addicted to plastic surgery, it is still her decision to undergo the knife. Yes, her breast size does look too big for her small body frame, but who dares to argue with such a sexy butt that comes with the package? What do you think of Coco Austin plastic surgery?