Tyler Joseph Tattoos – What Do They Mean?

Tyler Joseph Tattoos – What Do They Mean?

Tyler Joseph is a well known American musician and rapper. Born in Columbus, Ohio on 1 December 1988, Tyler Joseph is of age 28. He and Josh Dun form the duo Twenty One Pilots. Tyler Joseph is the lead vocalist and the founder of the duo. Their biggest success came about from the album Blurryface in 2015. The two singles, Stressed Out and Ride catapulted them to mainstream fame. Despite the fame, no one could really understand the meaning behind Tyler Joseph’s Tattoos.


To understand the meaning behind those tattoos, you got to know a little bit more about Tyler Joseph. Tyler Joseph is a devout Christian. Much of his music is inspired by his faith in Christianity. In one of his interviews with FaceCulture, he revealed that he was exposed to music from DC Talk ( Christian Hip Hop Group) at an early age.

Here is the interview with FaceCulture, check it out:

And here is another video of Tyler Joseph practising his basketball:


Some say that the symbols are somehow related to his faith in Christianity. But, no one really knows the true meaning besides Joseph himself. He does not want to have the meanings being spread across the internet. But he says he is willing to share the real meaning with whoever that could ask him one-on-one in person.


The closest response anyone ever got was Ashley Brooke Harbin. A message was sent to Tyler Joseph about his tattoos and he replied in a Facebook reply, saying “ My tattoos explain something that saved my life. I would love to talk to you about the details at a show sometime in person.”


Looks like Tyler Joseph truly treasures the story behind it and does not want to make it public.

However, there is one tattoo with a clear meaning. The “X” tattoo that both Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have is sign of dedication to their hometown fans in Columbus, Ohio. They acquired it while at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion on 26 April 2013. The “X” is located on Joseph’s right bicep.

Here is Tyler Joseph talking about his tattoos:

Wild Guesses about Tyler Joseph’s Tattoos

Though there are no real answers to Tyler Joseph’s tattoos, there has been wide speculations about it. Most of them are from random sources with no identity. But it is interesting to note some of the tattoo interpretations.


There are a few explanations about the tattoos. However, these explanations do not form our opinion and does not imply the true meanings of the tattoos. Just for information only.

One of the answer from Yahoo Answers says:

“Hey, so this is going to be hard to believe, but I do know the answer, so my friends girlfriend went to school with Jenna and are still close friends, so my friend gets to see Tyler quite often. So after a convo with Tyler, all of the symbols and boxes on his body are Christian related symbols that have very deep meanings. One example would be that the boxes on his chest make a cross in the middle and the boxes have a space in the that is not filled in while the boxes on his left shoulder are filled, what this represents is when the boxes are filled, it’s the darkness he has gone through while the middle part that creates the cross is clear, so it over comes it, same goes for the chest, but the boxes on his chest are completely clear in the middle and the cross is clear to, so it shows the light he has and can experience now through God. Tyler says he gets people all of the time come up to him with his tattoos on themselves and he gets kinda upset because people have no idea the meaning behind them. Of course he said he would rather not go around telling people about all of them so I won’t go through them all, I’ll leave that for you to ask him, but the reason I told you about the boxes is because they are the most obvious. And also, Tyler has Josh’s name on his knee because they both tied on a poll on Twitter haha, so there isn’t a deep meaning there”. – From some one named Camron.

Another detailed explanation about one of the symbols was provided by sickasfrickandunlit on Reddit, saying (we quote)


The |-/ symbol (also stylized this way) very literally just means “Twenty One Pilots.” It has significance to both Tyler and Josh, but for the most part it’s up to you to interpret what the logo means to you and why it means twenty one pilots.


  • This symbol has two meanings: It stands for the Clique (the “official” name of tøp’s fanbase) and also it just stands for Tyler Joseph, who often times wears a skeleton-print hoodie on stage or a skeleton mask.


  • This Symbol is very similar, and is often times used in conjunction with the Clique logo. It’s shaped like an alien to represent Josh Dun, who often times wears an alien mask or an X-Files “I want to believe” shirt.


  • You may also see this, which is a Korean greeting that Tyler and Josh would use as a chant before each live show. They picked up the phrase because Korea was one of the first places (if not the first) that they traveled to to play shows outside of the US. They’re also pretty popular over there.


  • This image stands for FPE: The Few, The Proud, The Emotional—a phrase picked up by the Clique to describe themselves, it originated in the song “Fairly Local.”
  • You’ll probably also see the band name stylized with a line crossing through the “O” in “One” and sometimes in “Pilots.” (looks like this: twenty øne piløts). The O with the line through it is more of a stylistic choice than anything, however Tyler has a tattoo of it. It’s unclear what the tattoo means because he doesn’t want the meanings of them to be spread across the internet and he only wants people to know if he tells them directly.

Whatever it may be, the meaning behind the tattoos must be something truly personal to Tyler Joseph. Before we get carried away with all kinds of interpretations, let’s just remind ourselves that the above two explanations are not representative of what the tattoos actually means, until they are confirmed by Tyler Joseph himself one day.

It is still up to each individual to imagine what the tattoos mean. As with all people who decorate themselves with tattoos, each tattoo brings a life touching experience with it. So, all we can do is to provide you guys with some pictures of Tyler Joseph with his tattoos. Let your imagination run wild to determine what Tyler Joseph tattoos mean.