Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jennifer Hawkins Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Hawkins, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, is the subject of much plastic surgery talk. Being the winner of Miss Universe Australia and the current host of Australia’s Next Top Model, Jennifer Hawkins has to look her best at all times. Her entrepreneur pursuits in the swimwear and self tanning products make maintaining her sexy physique a top priority. But the question remains what kind of plastic surgery has she undergone?

Photo Credit: (left) Getty, (right) Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Getty, (right) Wireimage

Jennifer Hawkins is an Australian model, brand ambassador, businesswoman and television presenter. Despite all the plastic surgery rumors circling her, she has never admitted to having any plastic surgery performed. It is quite remarkable that she has maintained, or even enhanced her beauty as the years go by. Gone are the days when she looked like a fresh faced girl as a teenage legal secretary. Nowadays, she looks even sexier than when she won the Miss Universe Australia Pageant, sparking intense rumors of her going under the knife.

Some of Jennifer Hawkins plastic surgery speculations include a nose job, chin implant, facial fillers and cheek implants. To have an idea of what she has done, one has to look at Jennifer Hawkins before and after photos to find out.

Watch Jennifer Hawkins in an interview with the Herald Sun Online almost 9 years ago:

Compare her to her recent appearance in an interview. She has just gotten more beautiful than ever:


Jennifer Hawkins and Nose Job Rumors

A favorite of celebrities, the nose job, has its risks as well as benefits. Any botched nose job sticks out like a sore thumb on the victim’s face. And if you are not careful, you may end up looking like Michael Jackson after numerous revision rhinoplasties.

Photo Credit: (left) Getty, (right) Brandon Voight Splash News

Photo Credit: (left) Getty, (right) Brandon Voight Splash News

For Jennifer Hawkins, her nose shape is already pretty sharp to begin with. Even during her teenage days, you can tell that her nose is already quite pointed. She already has a beautifully shaped nose since young. Some of the speculations point to the subtle changes in her nose shape.

Much of the alleged changes could be due to the different camera angles. It is highly unlikely that Jennifer has undergone a nose job as she would have requested for much greater changes than this. Till today, her nose remains natural and untouched, it seems.

Jennifer Hawkins and Chin Implant Rumors

Chin implants are not exactly popular with celebrities. It is quite an extreme procedure to attain a more pronounced chin. Most people who undergo chin implants want a more defined and sharper chin. If performed poorly, a botched chin implant surgery can result in a witch like face.

Photo Credit: (right) News Corp Australia

Photo Credit: (right) News Corp Australia

For Jennifer Hawkins, we wonder why there are rumors of a chin implant. Her chin looks the same as the day she won the Miss Universe Australia contest. There seems to be no differences in her recent pictures at all. Yes, she does look more mature than she was 12 years ago, but that’s about it. Perhaps the chin implant rumors were planted by some jealous soul who felt that she must have had something done.

Jennifer Hawkins, Cheek implants and facial fillers Rumors

Facial fillers are often used to iron out any creases and fine lines on the face. Generally, facial fillers are used by people above the age of 40 when the inevitable wrinkles start their assault. While some claim that Jennifer Hawkins fantastic wrinkle free complexion is due to facial fillers, other argue that it could be due to her disciplined skin care regime.

Photo Credit: (right) Getty

Photo Credit: (right) Getty

It sounds quite ridiculous that Jennifer Hawkins would undergo facial fillers to look better. For goodness sake, she is only age 32! And it must be noted that under heavy makeup, some people look like they have undergone plastic surgery. That might be the case for Jennifer Hawkins. For those of you who are married, think of your wedding day, your makeup artist might have dolled you up till you look so different from your normal self.

Jennifer Hawkins does not need facial fillers at her age.

Another ridiculous speculation is Jennifer Hawkins having cheek implants. The first question is , why would she undergo that at age 32? Jennifer does not look like she would behave like a crazy Teen Mom reality star at all.

Besides, her facial tone is just perfect for her age. Still looking supple and healthy, it is hard to imagine that Jennifer Hawkins will go to such extreme and undergo cheek implants surgery. Furthermore, her cheeks still look normal and there seems to be little signs of it.

Jennifer Hawkins and Lip Fillers Rumors

Ah… this is the part that gets a little bit tricky. Lip fillers are the latest trend to hit the plastic surgery scene. Women are obsessed with having thick and plump lips. At least according to them, having pouty lips increase their sex appeal. Apparently, many women feel that they look better in photos when why have slightly swollen lips.

For Jennifer Hawkins, there are some snap shots that showed her with plump lips. Compared to her earlier photos, it is pretty noticeable that she has done something to her lips. Whether it is lip fillers or implants we will never know, but its quite possible that she has undergone some procedure.

In some of her later photos, her lips do not seem as bloated as before. This could be due to some of the lip fillers (if she used them) losing their effect. Typically, lip fillers take some maintenance work. The patient will need to “top up” the lip fillers if they want the desired effect to last. Maybe she underwent a few lip fillers sessions and stopped soon after. Only she knows.

Whatever it may be, Jennifer Hawkins looks hot and stunning today. She has maintained her body curves and beauty extremely well. And if she did it all the natural way, she is a fantastic role model for everyone around. Should she try the lip fillers at all? Well, we hope she ditches it for good. As for the other plastic surgery rumors, they are just probably made up stories. What do you think of Jennifer Hawkins plastic surgery rumors?