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Sharon Osbourne Before Plastic Surgery – Looks Puffy After

Sharon Osbourne Before Plastic Surgery And Looking Puffy After

Sharon Osbournce has always been upfront about her plastic surgeries. Sharon also admitted to legs and arms lifts, a tummy tuck and a neck lift. She also had her breasts reduced in size back in 1978. Question is how many times has she been under the surgeon’s knife. In 2013, Sharon expressed in her book Unbreakable that she will never go under the knife again to enhance her appearance.

In the video below, she talks about her vagina tightening procedure as the most painful:

In fact, as reported in Femalefirst.co.uk, Sharon Osbourne confessed to spending 120,000 pounds on plastic surgery. Then 51 years old, Sharon justified her decision to go under the knife because she “had the sort of breasts you normally only ever see in the pages of National Geographic magazine. ”

Sharon Osbourne plastic surgery has made her look better

She revealed to Britain’s Night and Day magazine: “I had liposuction on my neck and had it lifted, too. I had my breasts lifted, my arms lipo-ed and my tummy tucked. I had my bum lifted and implants inserted. And I had my legs lifted. “The total cost was 120,000GBP and it was worth every last penny. I love cosmetic surgery.”

Sharon Osbourne Now Distances Herself From Plastic Surgery

But as she grew older, her love for plastic surgery has subsided.

As reported in Dailymail.com, Sharon Osbourne said: ‘There’s not much I haven’t had tweaked, stretched, peeled, lasered, veneered, enhanced or removed altogether. I don’t think I’m as bad as some women – like Jocelyn ‘Bride of’ Wildenstein.

‘But I won’t be having any more cosmetic procedures.’

She said: ‘There’s only so much the human body can take – and mine goes not need any more stress placed on it in my endless pursuit of youth.’

Sharon Osbourne explained that she revealed the full extent of her plastic surgeries so that “other women don’t have unrealistic expectations”.

Sharon Osbourne recently appeared on The Talk and spoke about her appearance on the Dailymail.com. She addressed the comments that she looked “puffy”.

‘Puffy? I don’t pay all this money for them to say “puffy”,’ she joked on The Talk. ‘How dare they? They can say “line-free” but never “puffy”.’

Sharon Osbourne insists that photos were taken at a bad angle

Sharon explained that the shot taken of her looked unrecognisable because it was taken at a very bad angle.

‘First of all it must have been a really slow news day. I mean, nothing going on in the world,’ she told her Talk co-stars and the studio audience.

‘They get you when you’re doing a ridiculous face and they catch you in that one second.

‘And it’s like thank you for spelling my name right, but it’s to show you guys how they can take one picture of a fraction of a second where you look silly or whatever they say – puffy, ridiculous – and they try and spin a story.’

Sharon added: ‘It’s like, sorry guys, no, it’s still me,’ and said that she had been ‘freezing’ on the red carpet.

Sharon Osbourne Before Plastic Surgery and After Comparisons

But looking at before and after pictures of Sharon Osbourne, she definitely looks better with age. With all the plastic surgeries, she is lucky that not much has gone wrong. And we know many celebrities such as Kenny Rogers and Kim Novak had procedures that went bad.

So can you tell which parts of her face underwent plastic surgery. If you take a look at Sharon Osbourne before plastic surgery pictures, do you see any differences now? Let us know your thoughts.