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Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Preity Zinta Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Preity Zinta is one of the biggest stars in Bollywood. She is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses in India. Like many celebrities, there are speculations about how she got more beautiful with time. The slight changes in her face has raised questions about the procedures she underwent. Some of her most discussed plastic surgeries include facelift surgery, Botox injections, eyelift, filler injections and a nose job. You got to look at Preity Zinta before and after photos to determine the truth.

Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Preity Zinta is an Indian film actress. She has appeared in Hindi, Telugu and Punjabi movies. She had her breakthrough in Dil Se back in 1998. Over the years, she picked up more and more awards and recognition in the entertainment industry. In 2003, she was the leading actress in the Top 3 Grossing films that year. Such a feat is incredibly difficult to achieve in Bollywood. To continue her success in the acting industry, it is important to maintain and improve her looks year after year.

Watch a video of Preity Zinta in 2009:

Compare her appearance to the recent interview below:

Preity Zinta And Facelift

Her everlasting fresh looking facial complexion has been subjected to facelift speculation. Now at age 41, she looks ten years younger than her actual age. Her smooth and supple skin has led many to believe that she underwent facelift. Preity Zinta have always had slightly chubby cheeks to begin with. And chubby cheeks have a natural ability to delay the formation of wrinkles.

preity zinta nose job

Her present does not reflect the after effects of facelifts. Some disaster facelifts result in a very taut appearance. However, there is no such effects on Preity Zinta. There are other possibilities why she has such wonderful skin. It could be due to her use of fine skin products and creams. Some serums in the market are known to keep one looking young too.

Preity Zinta and Eyelift

Eyelifts are done to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. They also help to reduce the size of eyebags. Eye bags are a constant problem for celebrities due to their hectic lifestyle. This is especially true for busy actresses like Preity Zinta. Hours of acting and lack of sleep will take a toll on their eye appearance.

As they say the eyes are the windows to the soul, celebrities try their best to make their eyes look bigger and livelier. For Preity Zinta, her eyes are already quite big naturally. Some say she has made changes to her eye shape. However, eye shapes are easily manipulated by eyeliners and eye shadows. As such, there is no certainty that she has undergone any plastic surgery for her eyes.

Preity Zinta and Lip Fillers

Some say that Preity Zinta have had lip fillers injections to make her lips more sexy and plump. Plump lips are popular outcomes for many celebrities nowadays. However for Preity Zinta, her lips were already quite full to begin with. Even without any fillers, her lips already look sexy. And there is no remarkable difference in the before and after pictures.

Preity Zinta and Nose Job

Nose jobs are common among celebrities. It is also a procedure that has the most number of disasters. And botched nose jobs are the most difficult to correct. They just get worse with each revision. Things have to be right the first time.

For Preity Zinta, her natural nose looked bulbous and round. Somehow, her nose shape changed to a much sharper one. The pointed tip and the reduced nose size all points to a possible nose job. Her nose bridge is much narrower than before. Such outcome is desired by many celebrities. If she has had a nose job, it is a great success. Her smaller and sharper nose suits her face well and adds an overall balanced feel to her looks.

But most fans are more focused on her latest movies than her plastic surgeries. Her talent shines through the movies where she played leading roles. Overall, she still looks natural and in no way lumpy or unnatural. Let’s hope that Preity Zinta keeps it that way and never get addicted to plastic surgery. What do you think of Preity Zinta plastic surgery?