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Patricia Heaton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Patricia Heaton Cosmetic Surgery Rumors

Patricia Heaton is well known for her role in Everybody Loves Raymond, as a loving wife and a really beautiful woman. However, in the past, she has admitted to having a breast reduction after child birth. Recently, due to her lasting good looks, she is subjected to popular plastic surgery rumours. There were speculations about Botox injections, brow lifts, lip injections and dermal fillers.

Check out by comparing Patricia Heaton Before and After photos:

Patricia Heaton Plastic surgery rumors

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Smeal Getty Images, (right) Tibrina Hobson Getty Images

Patricia Heaton rose to stardom by playing the character of Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond. She achieved a great deal acting on TV. Patricia has won Two Primetime Emmy Awards for her efforts. She was also featured in movies such as Beethoven, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Space Jam and The New Age.

You GOT TO watch the Interview Below with Patricia Heaton back in 2002:

And compare that to Patricia Heaton now in 2016 below:

Patricia Heaton Over The Years

Patricia Heaton in Alien Nation (1989)

One of the best ways to determine whether a celebrity has undergone plastic surgery is to travel back the years. Often, signs of plastic surgery can be seen as the celebrity ages. Where should we start? Well, from her humble beginnings as a guest appearance on Alien Nation:


From this screen grab in 1989, you can see that Patricia Heaton is all natural. Her eyebrows got some trimming done but overall, still looking very fresh faced. Then in 1992, Patricia Heaton was featured in the film Memoirs of An Invisible Man:

Patricia Heaton in Memoirs of An Invisible Man (1992)


This photo, taken approximately in 1992, showcases the hairstyle and fashion then. Looking like a critical personality, Patricia Heaton looks all natural again. But one thing is that her hair looked very special, with the wavy locks and short cropped look. Her double eyelids were obvious and added lots of character.

Patricia Heaton in Everybody Loves Raymond (1996- 2005)


And who can forget her role as Debra Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond! She was the loving and funny mother and wife of the hit series. The picture was taken during the peak of the series and you can see that Patricia Heaton has already got some serious cleavage then.


At that time Patricia Heaton was 38 years old and did not really need any plastic surgery. Her eyes, lips and nose all looked natural at this point. But it is obvious she cared a lot for her eyebrows as they looked impeccably trimmed.

Watch a snippet from Everybody Loves Raymond and you see that Patricia Heaton is real funny. Her boobs suggests that she has great genes :

Patricia Heaton in Front of The Class (2008)

All good things must come to and end. After Everybody Loves Raymond, Patricia Heaton appeared in a few television series, one of which was Front of the Class. It was based on the real story of a mother, Ellen Cohen, dealing with a son, Brad Cohen, who had Tourette Syndrome, in 2008.


Patricia Heaton still looked fresh, though now slight wrinkles can be seen along her smile lines. The emphasis on her breasts have somewhat reduced, probably by now she might have considered breast reduction surgery.

Patricia Heaton in In The Middle (2009)


It was not until when Patricia Heaton starred in the ABC Comedy In The Middle that the signs of aging started to be more obvious. Notice the wrinkles on her hands were getting obvious. Also, the fine lines on her neck suggested that she needed a remedy fast. Like many celebrities, the signs of aging start to show at an accelerated pace after age 50.


This is a video showing Patricia Heaton explaining why she took up her role In The Middle. She looked like she needed a facelift. Check out the saggy neck that was beginning to form:

Patricia Heaton in the 36th Annual Gracie Awards Gala (2011)

Two years later, Patricia Heaton’s appearance at the 36th Annual Gracie Awards had everyone talking. She appeared with a stunning fresh and young look, without the wrinkled neck.

Patricia Heaton appeared with a full set of boobs, despite earlier speculations about breast reduction surgery. Here is a picture and video from the event. She had the “ability” to reverse her tired looks two years ago. Some suggest that she might have used botox and facial fillers by now. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris Getty Images

Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris Getty Images

Patricia Heaton and The Food Network (2015)

After making that amazing jaw dropping appearance in 2011, Patricia Heaton took a step further. She became the host of the show The Food Network. This time, she appeared with a flawless complexion and a new dose of enthusiasm.

Arguably, Patricia Heaton looked younger compared to 2011. As she is the host of the show, any plastic surgery will be spotted immediately. But thus far, other than the plastic surgery accusations, there are no rumors about Patricia Heaton. Check out her photos on The Food Network and a recent video. She looks very young and she keeps herself in great shape. Notice that there is hardly any flabby arms in the video.patricia-heaton-the-food-network

Ok, so now you have seen how Patricia Heaton has progressed over the years. Let’s take a look at each of the Patricia Heaton plastic surgery fact and rumor.

Patricia Heaton Breast Reduction

In the TV show, Back To You, Patricia Heaton once said that she underwent a tummy tuck to remove excess fats and tidy up ugly stretch marks. There was also breast reduction to reshape her breasts after breast feeding. Patricia decided to go ahead with the procedure after giving birth to her children. And Patricia Heaton has four kids.

Check out Patricia Heaton Full Body before and after photos:

Patricia Heaton went for breast reduction surgery after childbirth

Photo Credit: (left) spokeo.com, (right) Getty Images

With her well shaped breasts now, there is also the possibility of a breast lift after the breast reduction procedure. Check out her before and after pictures.

We observe that after the breast enhancements, there is no lack of pictures showcasing Patricia Heaton in bikinis or plunging neck line gowns.

Patricia Heaton Facial Fillers and Enhancements

In Hollywood, it is common for celebrities to use cosmetic enhancements to prolong their youthful looks. With well maintained looks, they become the envy of many peers and fans. In addition, by slowing down the aging process, they are able to get better starring roles in movies and television shows.


For Patricia Heaton, she has no visible wrinkles round her eyes and forehead. This gave rise to speculative talks in forums that she might have used Botox to smoothen out her forehead. Born on 4 March 1958, Patricia Heaton is now 57 years old and yet, there is not signs of aging on her face and neck.

Typically, neck lines will start to form after a person reaches age 55, this is due to the skin having lesser collagen as one ages. However, for Patricia Heaton, she seems to have reversed the aging process. And that is simply amazing.

Not only is Patricia Heaton suspected of using Botox, there were also other plastic surgery rumours such as using chemical peels and dermal fillers. However, we feel that even if she did use such treatment, she used them in good taste.

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