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Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Olivia Munn Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Olivia Munn is known for her sex appeal and beauty. Due to good genes, Olivia Munn seems to have the best of both worlds, Her mother is of Chinese roots and her father has the genes from Irish, English and Germans roots. Olivia Munn not only has a beautiful well balanced look. but also a curvy body with the curves at the right places. However, plastic surgery rumours has dogged Olivia Munn for a long time. Let take a look at Olivia Munn before and after pictures.

Over the years, Olivia Munn’s face has grown thinner and her cheeks hollower. Some fans and observers speculate that it could be due to weight loss. But looking at her overall body shape, nothing seems to have really changed. Her face was the only difference. Munn, a well known eyelash puller, may also be using Latisse eye-drops to help re-grow eyelashes lost.

Watch how Olivia Munn Looked like back in 2008 as the host of Attack Of the Show!:

And compare it to Olivia Munn on the Kelly and Michael Show in January 2016:

Olivia Munn and Use of Botox

In picture, Olivia Munn’s face always looks a bit tighter than usual. And due to the constant tightness, there is a shine selected on Olivia Munn’s face. Some suggest that this is the after effects of Botox, a kind of facial filler. Somehow, Olivia Munn has managed to look years older than her actual age. Perhaps, she is eye for more serious roles in Hollywood?

Going into mid 30s, Olivia Munn’s main objective should be to take care of her facial skin to prevent them from sagging. More and more celebrities are having their first plastic surgeries before age 40. This trend is unlike the olden days where nothing is fixed till its broken or visibly worn.

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