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Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lil Kim Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lil Kim has been the talk of plastic surgery rumours for a long time. Since breaking into the scene, there has been speculation about boob job, butt implants, facelifts, nose job and even cheek implants. However, all these cosmetic enhancements has always been denied by Lil Kim.

Lil Kim cosmetic surgery rumors

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Lil Kim Denies All Plastic Surgery Rumors

In the video below, Wendy Williams talks about Lil Kim Plastic Surgeries, it’s a MUST watch(Start at 3:43), she said “you’ve out LaToya LaToya in your new look”:

At one point, she insisted that many photos of her were photoshopped and portray a negative image of her. But, in her latest “live” appearance, as reported on the The Mirror, she is quite unrecognisable from her former self. With a tight fitting black suit, and those hips, its hard to imagine how far her appearance has progressed.

Well, whether photos are photoshopped or not, just check out her latest video where she is talking to a radio station and you can see for yourself:

The Daily Mail reports about Lil Kim latest appearance here.

No conclusion on Lil Kim Plastic surgery rumors

At the present moment, we cannot say for sure if Lil Kim has undergone plastic surgery because her team is strongly against any rumours of plastic surgery.

We leave it for you to decide based on her younger pictures and her present pictures. Perhaps the report by the Daily Mail can add some weight to your conclusion on Lil Kim plastic surgery questions.