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Lateysha Grace Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lateysha Grace Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lateysha Grace is well known for her roles on television. After starring in all three seasons of The Valleys, she made her mark as one of the contestants in the Big Brother Series. However, she is also outspoken about her plastic surgery adventures.

Lateysha Grace plastic surgery before and after photo

Lateysha Grace daughter birth

Lateysha Grace and Fat Transfer

One of the plastic surgeries admitted by Lateysha is “fat transfer”. In her pursuit for a perfect body, she went for the surgery to reduce her fats around her waist. To prove the success of her plastic surgery, she posted on Instagram some before and after photos. Indeed, her fats were effectively removed by the procedure.

Lateysha Grace fat transfer before and after

She was in no shame for the procedure and went on to celebrate the successful operation. Lateysha Grace wrote “First picture was taken just before I went down for surgery, second is week after I’m still really swollen, will be for around 6 weeks, so this isn’t my final results but already can see a huge difference! I was really unhappy with my body after having my baby! I’m so glad I’ve done this because it’s given me my confidence back. Thank you @mltakd for being so supportive throughout the whole process!”

The operation was not something done on impulse. Lateysha commented that the procedure has been on her mind for years. She just wanted to get “the body she dreamed of”.

Amazingly, her body transformation just came 5 months after the birth of her daugher Wynter.

Lateysha Grace and the Illegal Bum Implants

And the inability to sit down after an illegal bum implant surgery did not deter her from another plastic surgery attempt. At that time she spoke about her bum surgery, saying My bum wasn’t small, it was average-sized. When I went to Miami, I seen all these girls with massive bums and I was thinking, ‘How the hell do these girls have massive bums and small waists?’

Lateysha Grace butt implants

“I spoke to my friend and she was like, ‘We all get bum shots out here’. So she gave me the number of this woman.”

And this woman is no qualified plastic surgeon.

lateysha Grace butt implants pain

Lateysha said “She then came a week later to my apartment, she didn’t speak any English. She didn’t even bring doctors’ equipment.

“Me and my friend both had them and she just injected us. She put anaesthetic on our bums, but I could feel everything and it absolutely killed.

lateysha grace butt implants papers

“I don’t even know what it was, it was some sort of filler but I don’t know what it was called. I had about five in each cheek. The needle was massive.”

“She said she couldn’t lay on our bottoms for 24 hours, so me and my friend both just laid on the sofa watching every film.

“We had to stuff each other’s wounds with paper towels because our bums were leaking, this white stuff leaking everywhere.

Lateysha Grace butt implants before and after

“Obviously, I researched it on the internet, and some people have actually died from it.

“I just kept saying to my friend, ‘Imagine we died from this?’, so it was in the back of my head.

“But I was also so happy that my bum was bigger.”

The ill effects of this illegal bum implant procedure is still giving her the pain today.

She said “I travel a lot, so if I’m on the train, or driving, more than an hour, I get really sharp pains in my bum, which I never used to have before.

“I get uncomfortable and have to pull over and walk around, or if I’m on the train I have to walk down the aisles. I just can’t sit down for more than an hour.”

Check out a video talking about her plastic surgeries:

Lateysha Grace Is Going For More Plastic Surgery

After knowing that Lateysha Grace had to go through so much pain to get her jutting butts, it is amazing to know that she is not putting off future plastic surgeries.

What she said says it all. She said “I look in the mirror and I’m like, ‘I want to change this’. I’ve always wanted to get my nose done.

“I don’t want it reshaped or nothing, I just want it a little bit thinner.

“And I’m going to get my boobs redone. They’ve drooped a bit, so I’m having them done. And I’m having my nipples made smaller.”

Overall, Lateysha Grace does not have the ridiculous body of Lil Kim yet. But if she continues to transform her body using plastic surgery, its just a matter of time she looks like Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj. What do you think of Lateysha Grace plastic surgery procedures?