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Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lana Del Rey Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lana Del Rey has been the subject of much controversy over the years. Besides the confusion over her onstage character, she is now the talking point of plastic surgery rumors. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include the use of lip fillers, nose job and breast augmentation. Such speculations arise mainly due to the stark differences in Lana Del Rey’s before and after photos.

Photo Credit: (right) Chris Pizzello Invision/AP

Photo Credit: (right) Chris Pizzello Invision/AP

Lana Del Rey is a popular music icon. Born in New York, she started her career singing in pubs and bars, in hope of being talent spotted. Her first venture into the entertainment industry as Lizzy Grant was not spectacular. However, things began to change when she made a comeback with her current musical personality. Her change of name to Lana Del Rey seems to resonate with music fans. Then the rest is history. To keep up with her musical funky image, it is not surprising that she might have sought the help of plastic surgery methods.

Lana Del Rey and Nose Job Rumors

Nose job is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the United States. With most celebrities wanting a more balanced nose, even the general public has caught on with the rhinoplasty craze. What used to be a risky operation has now become the norm. However, unrealistic expectations can lead to plastic surgery disasters. Just think of Michael Jackson.

Photo Credit: (right) Joshua Blanchard Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Joshua Blanchard Getty Images

For Lana Del Rey, nose job rumors arose due to changes to her nose shape. As the nose does not change much after age 18 for ladies, it is next to impossible for her nose to change so drastically. Some say it might be due to weight loss that causes her face to look sharper while others say it could be due to lighting effects when the photos were taken. However, one cannot take away the possibility of a nose job being performed.

The good news is Lana Del Rey’s nose looks splendid for her. If she underwent a nose job, it is far from being a botched one. With the number of botched nose jobs we see online, she is fortunate to have found a plastic surgeon (if she did indeed go for a nose job) who knew what he was doing.

Watch a young Lizzy Grant Singing on Stage:

Compare that to a recent appearance by Lana Del Rey, notice the difference in her lips:


Lana Del Rey and Lip Fillers

The latest craze in plastic surgery, besides the Brazilian Butt Lift, is the use of lip fillers. Fuelled by the ease of application, lip fillers have become one of the most convenient ways to look sexier. Despite the fact that lip fillers do not have a permanent effect, celebrities are flocking to get their lips done.


Photo Credit: (right) Mike Monaghan Wikipedia

Photo Credit: (right) Justjared.com

Photo Credit: (right) Justjared.com

For Lana Del Rey, her recent photos show fuller lips. Some call it a trout pout. Whatever its called, thicker and fuller lips means more sex appeal nowadays. Could she have used lip fillers? Possibly so as it is hard to get such swell in anyone’s lips.

Lana Del Rey and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Another popular plastic surgery that celebrities go for is breast augmentation. Having bigger breasts is known to boost the self esteem of many ladies. Some will endure the pain and hassle just to attain a set of impressive huge breasts. Even the bad reputation of silicone implants does not deter women from taking the plunge.

Lana Del Rey boob job

For Lana Del Rey, despite the allegations from netizens, there seems to be no breast augmentation done. Her breasts have largely remained the same size. In her older photos, she has a decent set of boobs (though not that big) and she still has them at the same size today. If she had gone for breast implants surgery, it is unlikely that she would settle for such minute changes. Most outcomes of breast augmentation result in tight looking round boobs. There is no such evidence on Lana Del Rey.

Overall, Lana Del Rey should be admired for her never-say-die attitude in achieving fame. Despite her early setback as Lizzy Grant, Lana Del Rey persisted till she became successful. Victory is always sweeter after you tasted defeat. That is why Lana Del Rey continues to excel in her musical career. If she had gone for plastic surgery, her plastic surgeon has done a fantastic job to keep her looking fresh. What do you think of Lana Del Rey plastic surgery rumors?