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Keira Maguire Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Keira Maguire Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Being in this season’s The Bachelor, it is inevitable that Keira Maguire is under the limelight. However, her latest appearance has hogged the headlines for the wrong reasons. Her raised cheekbones with the attention catching scars have aroused much plastic surgery speculations among fans.

Photo Credit: (left) Instagram Keira Maguire, (right) Channel Ten

Photo Credit: (left) Instagram Keira Maguire, (right) Channel Ten

Besides being criticised for looking too much like Lara Bingle, many netizens brought up the possibility of plastic surgery changing Keira’s face. The scars on her face became really obvious as she spoke about polygamous cult. As she came to tears, those scars on the side of her mouth became apparent. Perhaps she did not realise that the uneven skin was telling another story other than the polygamous cult.

For most part of the show, Keira Maguire has managed to conceal the obvious scars under heavy makeup. However, it must be emphasised that despite all the talk about plastic surgery, her facial scars could be due to other incidents. It is not definite that they are linked to plastic surgery procedures. There was never any admission from Keira on plastic surgery.

Another speculation was the pouty lips displayed during her discussion on the polygamous cult. As she shed her tears, her lips look unnaturally full. This sparked further rumors that she might have had lip fillers injected. And comparisons with before and after photos show obvious differences in her lip thickness.

Whatever it may be, Keira Maguire is still a strong contender in The Bachelor. Whether she underwent plastic surgery or not, it is not relevant to the show as it is her personality that will win the heart of The Bachelor eventually. Let’s admire Keira Maguire for her strength and courage to take part in the contest and be in the pressure of the show. It’s not easy being in the limelight. What do you think of Keira Maguire plastic surgery rumors?