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Kathryn Crosby Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Kathryn Crosby Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Many celebrities try too hard to preserve their beauty. Their fight against the signs of aging became so aggressive that they start to look weird. Plastic surgery is able to enhance the looks of an individual but when its overdone, things can turn out pretty awful looking. For Kathryn Crosby, it is a case of plastic surgery gone wrong. Her looks tells us that she might have gone for too many plastic surgery procedures. Kathryn Crosby, or Kathryn Grant as she is commonly known as, has definitely crossed the line in plastic surgery.

Photo Credit: (right) WENN

Photo Credit: (right) WENN

Kathryn Crosby is now at age 82. She has been through a lot in life, including outliving her two husbands. During her prime, she was a popular American actress and singer. She was also known as Kathryn Grandstaff on stage. Kathryn appeared as a guest on the ABC sitcom The Bing Crosby Show. Despite having retired after her marriage to Bing Crosby, she made appearances in Goldilocks, Operation Mad Ball and The Big Circus. She had her own show The Kathryn Crosby Show, which is a short 30 minute talk show back in the 1970s.

Back in her younger days, Kathryn Crosby was a beautiful and stunning woman. When you look at her younger photos, you can see that Kathryn Crosby had the ability to make a young man’s heart race. Her charm on screen could effortless catch the attention of her audience. Perhaps her blessed beauty exerted pressure on her to look good at old age. It kind of went into overdrive when her face started to look unnatural and lumpy. Some even described her face as “playdoh in flesh color”.

Watch Kathryn Crosby in an interview about State Fair. She appears at 8:55 of the video:

Watch a much younger Kathryn Crosby singing:

And here is a recent performance by Kathryn Crosby. She can sing REALLY well. Superb performance by Kathryn Crosby:

Kathryn Crosby and Eyelift Rumors

Kathryn Crosby has a pair of mesmerising eyes in her younger days. They sparkled with immense passion during her performances. But aging has a strong impact on anyone’s eyes. Wrinkles start to form around the eyes, crows feet start to deepen, and the eyelids start to look heavy. One of the most effective remedies for aging eyes is the eye lift.

Photo credit: (right) Getty Images

Photo credit: (right) Getty Images

For Kathryn Crosby, though the wrinkles around her eyes are minimal, she looks frightening. The spacing between her eyes seem to have widened with age. This is almost impossible if she aged naturally. Her eyes seems too far apart from each other, unlike her younger days when her eyes looked natural and nice. Did Crosby go crazy with the eyelift procedures? Well, take a look at her pictures and you decide for yourself.

Kathryn Crosby and Botox Injection Rumors

Botox has a way of punishing you when you overdo it. You will start to look unnatural while being proud of your overly smooth skin. Often, less is more when botox is used. However, due to the obsession to eradicate wrinkles, some celebrities opt to have multiple botox injections at the wrong places. They end up looking like weird creatures on the prowl.

Photo Credit: (left) NBC Getty Images, (right) Richard Shotwell Invision AP

Photo Credit: (left) NBC Getty Images, (right) Richard Shotwell Invision AP

For Kathryn Crosby, her face reeks of excessive botox injecitons. Not only that, her cheeks, chin and forehead look stiff and immovable. Her face looks entirely made up of some rubbery material. Though her face is filled with few wrinkles, her face just don’t look desirable. Though she removed many aging signs, her face looks weird. It is always wise to leave much of the natural aging signs alone so that the face still looks natural.

Kathryn Crosby and Her Lips

Lips fillers are often used to pump up the lips to make them look more sexy and appealing. However, for Kathryn Crosby, she seems to have taken it to another level. While it is obvious that she did not pump up her lips, it looks like she attempted to change the shape of her lips!

Photo Credit: (left) NBC Getty Images, (right) WENN

Photo Credit: (left) NBC Getty Images, (right) WENN

In her younger photos, Kathryn Crosby looked sexy with her set of luscious thick lips. However, in her later photos, it seems like her lips have gone flatter and of a different shape. This could have been a lip reshaping procedure or just a case of her aging gracefully. But looking at her face today, it is hard to believe that her lips got into the shape by natural means. Some say that her thinner lips is the result of natural aging. Well, looking at Kathryn Crosby before and after photos, what do you think?

Overall, nobody expected Kathryn Crosby to look like this today. Most of her fans are used to remembering her as a stunning woman with lots of charm and beauty. Like the saying goes “Nothing is forever”, so is physical beauty. Some of her fans would have wished that she simply aged gracefully than to go through all the plastic surgeries to arrive at this state. Whatever it is, one has to respect Kathryn Crosby for going through so much of life trials. With the passing of her two husbands, Kathryn Crosby has proven her immense mental strength to live through those tragic moments. What do you think of Kathryn Crosby plastic surgery rumors?