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Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Ha Ji Won Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Ha Ji Won is a popular South Korean actress who has acted in dramas such as Hwang Jini and Empress Ki. She also demonstrated her humorous side in Secret Garden, a well known romantic comedy series. As she approaches age 40, plastic surgery rumors started to surface. Her everlasting beauty has led many to believe that she has undergone the knife. Some of the suspected plastic surgeries include eyelid surgery, nose job, cheek lift, jawline surgery and breast augmentation. To find out more, one needs to look at Ha Ji Won before and after photos.


Watch an interview with Ha Ji Won five years ago in 2011:

Compare that to a recent interview with Ha Ji Won:

Who is Ha Ji Won?

Ha Ji Won is an actress who has been through some difficult times before achieving fame. She said “Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of becoming an actress. When I was a senior in high school, an agency contacted me after seeing my picture at a photography studio.”

In an interview in 2012, Ha Ji Won shared that she had more than 100 rejections during auditions. She said “I passed my college entrance and written exams and was accepted to the department of theater and film. Before my debut, I auditioned for 100 or so projects but didn’t get the roles.”


From her first film in Truth Game, where she was selected out of a total 1,500 fame seekers, Ha Ji Won has come a long way. Some of her notable movies include Ditto, Nightmare, Secret, Phone and Sex is Zero. For her early efforts, she won many Awards such as the Best Supporting Actress Award in the 21st Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Best New Actress at the 37th Grand Bell Awards.

Ha Ji Won then moved on from her early success. In 2006, she won a total of 5 awards for the film Hwang Jin Yi. She also experimented with different roles in other film themes such as the comedy film Miracle on 1st Street.

Today, she continues to be a sought after actress. In 2015, it was reported that she earned a pay package of $43,000 for each episode of The Time We Were Not In Love. Such is the demand for her acting skills. In 2016, Ha Ji Won is part of Manhunt where she showcases her acting skills with other Asian superstars such as Louis Koo and Li Bingbing.

With such a high profile in the South Korean entertainment industry, it is no surprise that Ha Ji Won might have resorted to cosmetic surgery to maintain her looks. But did she really undergo plastic surgery?

Ha Ji Won and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Eyelid surgery is often used by celebrities to reshape their eyes and attain double eyelids. As Asians tend to have smaller eyes, eyelid surgery has become a popular solution to slit-like eyes. Often, eye bags and crows feet are also removed together with the eyelid surgery.


For Ha Ji Won, her before and after photos do show some slight differences. However, the differences are too mild to conclude a case of eyelid surgery. Her after photos do not show significantly bigger eyes. The differences in eye shape could be due to clever makeup. Nowadays, eye makeup can make a pair of eyes visually bigger and more expressive. But one cannot deny that Ha Ji Won’s eyes look more attractive than before.

Ha Ji Won and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs are used to reshape the nose. As the nose is the at the center of the face, many celebrities want their noses to be in balance with other facial features. The most desired outcome of a nose job is a sharper nose tip with a narrower nose bridge.


For Ha Ji Won, her before and after photos show hardly any difference in nose shape. Yes, she may be better looking in her later photos but her nose has remained the same. Some websites publish her nose to be of different shape but it could be due to the camera angle from which each photo was taken. Different lighting could lead to seemingly different nose shapes too. As such, it is unlikely that Ha Ji Won has undergone a nose job or rhinoplasty.

Ha Ji Won and Cheek Lift Rumors

Due to aging, a person’s cheeks can start to sag. If nothing is done about it, it creates a really aged look on the person’s face. Some people try to use mud masks to keep their faces from sagging. But that takes a long time to see effect.

Thus, some celebrities undergo a cheek lift to prevent a saggy looking face. Some use facial fillers to hold their cheeks up. For Ha Ji Won, her before and after photos do not show significant use of facial fillers. She still looks naturally beautiful. And she does not need any cheek lifts or facial fillers before age 40.

Sometimes, the rumors are unfounded and generated by jealous fans. Ha Ji Won does not seem to have used facial fillers at all.

Ha Ji Won and Jawline Surgery

Jawline Surgery is a major plastic surgery. It requires weeks of recovery time in a bid to have a sharper looking face. Typically, a sharper lower part of the face will enhance a person’s look. However the reshaping must not be overdone lest the person end up looking like an evil witch.

For Ha Ji Won, her before and after photos do show a slight difference in jawline shape. However, it is pretty obvious that the change is due to her losing weight in her later years. Her rounder face when she was younger was evidently due to her chubbiness. Naturally, as Ha Ji Won lost weight, her face looks sharper than before. It is not likely that Ha Ji Won underwent a jawline surgery, which is a painful and extreme plastic surgery to undergo.

Ha Ji Won and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Breast augmentation or boob job is often used to reshape and resize the breasts. Bigger boobs are known to increase the self confidence in many women. That is the reason why boob jobs are one of the most popular plastic surgeries today. Celebrities want bigger boobs to boobs their sex appeal too. With increased sex appeal, their marketability increases tremendously.


For Ha Ji Won, her before and after photos show hardly any difference in boob size. She was never known for impressive breast size. Anyway, the visual differences could be due to the latest push up bra technology.



If Ha Ji Won underwent a boob job, it is unlikely that she asked for such little difference in size. What do you think? Boob job or no?

Overall, Ha Ji Won has not changed much from her younger days. Yes she might look slightly older today but we believe she is all natural. Those Ha Ji Won plastic surgery rumors might just be passing remarks with no evidence to back up. Whether she underwent plastic surgery or not, only Ha Ji Won knows. But without her saying a word about it, it is up to anyone’s guess. What do you think of Ha Ji Won plastic surgery rumors?