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Gillian Anderson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Are Gillian Anderson Plastic Surgery Rumours True?

Gillian Anderson plastic surgery rumours were the result of her amazing youthful looks on her comeback to pay FBI agent Dana Scully from the science fiction show The X Files.

This is how Gillian looked like back then, scroll all the way down for her latest Twitter Pic:

Did Gillian Anderson undergo plastic surgery

She appeared with amazingly wrinkle free facial skin, a perfectly smooth neck and overall glowing and supple appearance. Gillian Anderson definitely had those plastic surgery scouts looking. She looked nothing like the 47 years of age at all.

And her amazing appearance prompted some overly eager plastic surgery fans to put up a graphic that shows many arrows at different part of Gillian’s face:

Gillian Anderson plastic surgery speculations

Gillian Anderson has made a brave and successful comeback for the role she played 15 years ago. And mind you, that was back in 1993 when The X Files was one of the highest rated shows. It was seriously quite sometime ago. Her youth is an amazing feat that fans started to question if Gillian’s seemingly everlasting beauty is due to her excellent natural upkeep – or was it with the help of surgical intervention.

Some of the comments included:

‘The aliens clearly implanted a lot of Botox in Scully’s face,’ wrote one commentator on the social networking site Twitter.

‘Loving the return of X-Files, even if Scully physically can’t move her face,’ said another. ‘Is she happy, sad, nostalgic? Who knows?’

The New X Files Mini Series Had Many Plastic Surgery Fans Raving

The new mini series of the X Files was aired on Monday night and it drew instant reaction from the fans. Many of the fans were hungry for the revival of the series which proved to be so popular and intriguing at the same time.

X Files was able to blur the lines between reality and realistic imagination.

The story lines made Gillian Anderson and her co star, David Duchovny, household names of that era.

In fact, her previous appearance in the BBC One remake of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace did not solicit such a raging response from the fans. There was no awakening of Tweets or Facebook comments during the airing of the series, which ended on last Sunday.

Such is the drawing power of the X Files.

Gillian Anderson in her younger days:

And Gillian Anderson in an interview about the X Files below:

Gillian Anderson Mentioned about Plastic Surgery in 2013

In 2013, Gillian Anderson spoke of plastic surgery and it did cross her mind if she should get some procedures done. She said “ (I had a) period of time thinking ‘ Surely something can be done without having to be cut into’” . So the question is : Did Gillian really fall into the temptation of plastic surgery?

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