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Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

What kinds of plastic surgeries did Farrah Abraham go for?

Farrah Abraham is a well known fan of plastic surgery. Recently, she undergone a lip procedure that went very wrong, resulting in bloated and swollen lips. She needed the help of doctors to get her lips back to their original state.

Farrah Abraham Lips bloated after plastic surgery

Farrah Abraham admitted that she made a big mistake to undergo the lip procedure with the plastic surgeon. Abraham was gracious enough to share her terrible experience on national television, in hope that others do not suffer the same consequence as her.

Farrah Abraham recalled that everything was wrong the moment the plastic surgery started. She could feel everything and it was physically painful. But she eventually thanked Dr Dubrow and Nassif for their assistance during the troubled procedure.

Farrah has always been a big fan of plastic surgery and she is contemplating being a plastic surgeon herself. She said,” I am starting licensing around January and then want to work up through cosmetics, aesthetics, everything up to plastic surgery and my Ph.D.,

After the botched lip job, Farrah Abraham has decided to put a breather to her plastic surgery exploits. She says that she feels comfortable being the way she is now at age 24.

Farrah Abraham boob job and rhinoplasty

Image on the right courtesy of Jason Merritt of Getty Images

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Focus – Her Boob Jobs

Back in 2013, Farrah Abraham announced that she had a boob job and showed them off during a day out at the Sapphire Pool And Day Club in Las Vegas. Not to mention that she gave people a sneak peek by having a wardrobe malfunction. In fact, she had a total of 4 plastic surgeries to enhance her boobs from an original A cup to size D. She has not stated when is the end of her plastic surgery exploits.

In addition to the breast augmentation, Farrah Abraham also had a rhinoplasty done plus a chin implant. She reportedly admitted to spending $21000 in total for the two procedures – and she felt gorgeous after that.

She described the pain she had to go through during the surgeries. Farrah also stated that the pain is worth because she feels gorgeous after that. She even told her child that she wants to be a “beautiful butterfly”

Whatever it may be, plastic surgery will always be a part of Farrah Abraham’s life. Perhaps she does not even care about Farrah Abraham plastic surgery rumours. What do you think about her cosmetic surgeries? Did the plastic surgeries make her look better?