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Eminem Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Eminem reshape his face with plastic surgery?  

Hip-hop mogul Eminem’s music has made waves the world over. Any youth strolling along a sidewalk will be able to tell you who he is. The hip-hop scene would lose its vibrancy without his music.

Who is Eminem? Eminem’s background

Eminem, or Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is a prolific American rapper. He has a flourishing solo career and is also a member of the famous hip-hop group, D12.

Eminem Plastic Surgery then and now

Photo Credit: (left) Wireimage, (right) Donna Ward Getty Images

Rolling Stone magazine has dubbed him the King of Hip Hop. It also ranked the star as number 83 on its list of 100 Greatest Artists of all time. The talented rapper has 10 number one albums on Billboard’s Hot 100. Both The Marshall Mathers LP and the Eminem show have won Best Rap Grammy Awards.

Eminem Plastic Surgery Rumours

These days, the star is making waves for another reason. His fans think that he looks different from before.

Watch the Video Below for Eminem in 1999:

Watch Eminem’s Interview with Jimmy Kimmel Below, Super Funny:


They are paying attention to the subtle, yet visible changes in his face. These differences are gossip fodder for them. Plastic surgeons believe that the rapper may have undergone a series of surgical procedures.

The celebrity has always denied that he used plastic surgery to enhance his looks. Photographs of him will say otherwise.

Here are 107 facts YOU NEVER KNEW about Eminem:

Eminem cosmetic surgery rumors

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Eminem and Speculations on Botox

The rapper is 41 years old but does not look a day older than 25. Take a close look at him and you will notice that his skin has no wrinkles.

Stars always face pressure to look good. Mathers III, despite his bad boy reputation, may have succumbed to it. Fans speculate that he may have gotten a series of Botox injections to keep his face smooth.

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