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Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Courtney Stodden Boob Job, Lip Fillers and Nose Job

Changing your face using plastic surgery is a hot trend in Hollywood now. Reality Star Courtney Stodden has been the subject of plastic surgery rumours for the last 4 years. Courtney still looks great despite all the cosmetic surgery rumours. Recently she made headlines again for brining an entire camera crew inside the operation room during her plastic surgery procedure.

Courtney has certainly come a long way since she won’t the Miss Teen Washington USA pageant in 2010.

This is a young Courtney Stodden in an interview with Doug, her partner:

As reported in InTouchWeekly, the reality TV starlet opted to undergo a nose job to remove a bump on her nose. Courtney Stodden invited Entertainment Tonight to cover the whole plastic surgery procedure.

Really amazing.

Talk about being open to your fans.

Courtney Stodden has taken it to the extreme.

She said “I’m not wild about my bump on the side of my nose. In pictures or on red carpets, I just feel really self-conscious about this bump.”

Ok, so Courtney Stodden has got her wish, much thanks to her husband for all the support. The rumoured cost of the procedure was $13,000 and lasted two hours. Typically, a rhinoplasty procedure has a recovery time of 7 to 10 days.

Judging by the way she loves the outcome, Courtney Stodden seems satisfied with the rhinoplasty job. Based on the before and after pictures, her nose bump is gone and the surgery seems like a success.

Courtney also said “I guess when gravity starts taking over, I might get a nip/tuck here and there,” she admitted. “But nothing excessive.”

Nothing excessive?

Hmm, let’s just check out what other plastic surgery rumours Courtney was subjected to.

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