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Christa Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Christa Miller Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Christa Miller is one of the many Hollywood celebrities suspected of undergoing the knife to enhance her looks. The surgery table seems to be a common solution for many actresses today. From Christa Miller’s before and after pictures, one can clearly see that there is something done to keep her looking young and fresh. However, some will say that the outcome of the procedures is an unnatural and artificial face. Some of the speculations include the use of Botox, eyelid surgery, nose job as well as cheek implants.

Who is Christa Miller?

Christa Miller is an American actress who made a name for herself in television comedy. She has starred in The Drew Carey Show as Kate O’Brien and on Scrubs as Jordan Sullivan. As recent as 2015, she was in the sitcom Cougar Town, which was created by her husband Bill Lawrence.

Her career stretches a long way back when she played a role in Kate & Allie. Following up that appearance, she appeared in popular dramas and comedy series like Northern Exposure, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Party of Five.

Christa Miller Talks about the Funniest thing that happened on the set (Cougar Town) :

Remember the ever popular comedy show Seinfeld? Well, Miller played the role of “The Sniffing Accountant” as the boss of George Costanza. Her big break came when she played George’s girlfriend in Seinfeld as Paula. That appearance convinced Larry David to place her in The Drew Carey Show as Kate O’Brien. And the rest was history as she went on to star in the show from 1995 till 2002.

Dr Youn, a well known plastic surgeon, made a comment that Christa Miller might have undergone some plastic surgery to achieve her current looks. Her perfectly smooth skin and raised cheeks suggests that Botox and other dermal fillers were used. Botox is one of the most popular wrinkle removers as they are non invasive and the effects can be seen almost immediately.

The video below shows clearly she might have some work done. She looks unnatural in the video:

Compare the above video to the video below when Christa Miller was younger and looking smokin’ hot:

Christa Miller Has No Saggy Skin

Christa Miller is now aged 51 and there should be some signs of aging on her face. However, the absence of saggy skin drove many to question how it is possible. Her forehead looks smooth and flawless. Perhaps the only flaw is the lack of expression when she smiles. Though her cheeks are obviously lifted, her forehead looks stiff and immovable. The lack of crows feet also led many to comment that Christa Miller might have undergone eyelid surgery. Her eyes look even bigger than her younger days and seem to add that additional sparkle in her looks. Her eye bags and saggy skin around her eyes have all disappeared.

Christa Miller Plastic surgery

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