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53 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong With Photos

Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery – Before And After Photos

Too much plastic surgery is no good for any celebrity. Plastic surgeries that gone wrong are irreversible. Some of the worst botched plastic surgery disasters are facelifts gone wrong, overdose of Botox and rhinoplasty (nose jobs) gone wrong. Looking at the plastic surgery gone wrong before and after photos, one might wonder why did they choose the plastic surgeon in the first place.

Such plastic surgery nightmares can destroy a celebrity’s career in showbiz. Here is a list of celebrities before and after plastic surgeries. You can determine which is the worst plastic surgery out of these contenders.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong #1: Donatello Versace

Plastic Surgery gone wrong

One of the most powerful women in fashion design, Donatella need not worry about money anymore. But seems like she has spent a huge amount on plastic surgeries. Her face has changed so much over the years that Donatella has become the focus of every fashion gala show. She used to look so youthful and naturally beautiful. It’s a pity that she looks the way she is today.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong #2: Michaela Romanini

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