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Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Catherine Bell Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Catherine Bell is a popular actress who is known for her many roles on television. Catherine Bell was particularly active in the television scene from 1997 to 2005. However, Catherine Bell has recently been subjected to intense plastic surgery rumors. This is due to her unnatural appearance and sudden facial changes. Some of her plastic surgery speculations include eyelid lift, botox injections, facelift and nose job. In some of the before and after photos, Catherine Bell displays some tell tale signs of plastic surgery procedures.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Photo credit: Getty Images

Catherine Bell is an Iranian/British American actress and producer. She started as a model in a four month assignment in Japan and also as a massage therapist thereafter. Catherine recently played her roles in The Good Witch series and starred in Last Man Standing. Due to her frequent appearances. there is an inherent need for Catherine Bell to maintain her good looks and youth.

Who is Catherine Bell?

Before we go into the details about the speculated Catherine Bell plastic surgeries, it is interesting to look at the career of Catherine Bell over the years and how she has changed over the years.

Catherine Bell started her modeling career in a 4 month stint in Japan. Before she became famous, she worked as a massage therapist where she got to have Peter Gabriel as one of her clients. Her first role on television was just a one liner on the sitcom Sugar and Spice.

Then she went on to “show her butt” as a body double for Isabella Rossellini in the movie Death Becomes her in 1992. It was not only until 1996 when she became a hit on the drama series JAG.

Catherine Bell is best known for her roles as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in the television drama series JAG from 1997 to 2005. She also acted in a military related movie Army Wives from 2007 to 2013. Her latest appearances include being Cassandara “Cassie” Nightingale in the film The Good Witch.

Well, we cannot help but show you two hot pictures of Catherine Bell dressed in a formal uniform.


Well, hot does not necessarily mean skimpy cloths and cleavages. In the photos above, she shows a natural charm with absolute beautiful facial features. A well balanced nose, charming eyes and to die for eyebrows. Not to mention she does have an impressive set of boobs.

Watch a short snippet of a young Catherine Bell in JAG:

Ok, we shall not hold things back. Here are some photos of Catherine Bell in sexier shots during her time with JAG:



And at this point, there is no sign of plastic surgery at all. Even her boobs look all natural, despite their size.

If her character is in true life, her presence will definitely make national service more interesting. Ok, we cannot resist anymore, so here are the really hot photos of Catherine Bell.

Catherine Bell in Army WIves

Moving on from her role in JAG, Catherine Bell cut another sexy figure in her role in Army Wives. Somehow, her short hair add a huge does of sexiness in her. Her facial features does not change much in the initial years, but as the series neared 2013, her face started to look slightly sharper and lumpy.


Here is Catherine Bell talking about a new season of Army Wives:

Still looking sexy and all in the early years in the photos above. And the photos below show her latter years in Army Wives.


Her face seem to change slightly from the earlier years. Don’t you think?

Catherine Bell in The Good Witch

Now, still part of the cast of The Good Witch, Catherine Bell still cuts a very sexy figure. Her slim and sexy figure is unbelievable. Either she has taken her diet very seriously or regular exercise must have been part of her daily routine. However, there is something about the way she looks that suggests something is done to her face.



Catherine Bell has managed to keep the effects of aging at bay. She still does not look her age at all. But, her smile seems different from before. There is an apparent restraint on her facial expressions. Check out her photos in recent shots.

Watch the video below carefully and see if you can pick out any “job” done on Catherine Bell. Here she is talking about new season of The Good Witch (she still looks INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL) :

Catherine Bell once shared with PEOPLE that her son gets confused whether she is a witch or fake. She said “He (her son) is constantly asking me if I’m a real witch or fake. I tell him I’m fake and he just looks at me mulling it over.”

Perhaps her son meant something else. But we will never know. Check out the photos and judge for yourself. Let’s get into the specific areas of speculation.

Catherine Bell and Nose Job Rumors

Many celebrities want a perfect nose. Most find their noses too big and round. Their desired outcome of any nose job is to have a more balanced nose. A balanced nose usually means a thinner nose bridge and sharper nose tip. Despite many botched nose jobs like Michael Jackson’s, many celebrities still take the plunge and have their noses done.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

For Catherine Bell, she had a beautiful nose to begin with. It is still a mystery what got into her to enhance her nose shape surgically. Though it is still unproven that she underwent a nose job. there are visible differences in her nose shape. Her current nose looks sharper with smaller nostrils. With the changes, some of her fans argue that she looked better in her older photos and they feel that the nose job was not necessary.

Catherine Bell and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Another problematic facial area for celebrities is around the eyes. Eyes show the first signs of aging, especially when crows feet start to show. Due to long hours of filming, some actresses also have drooping eyebags that are difficult to get rid of. One of the common solutions to eyebags and crows feet is eyelid surgery.

Watch Catherine Bell in an interview with David Letterman in 2007:

Compare this to a more recent interview with Catherine Bell:


For Catherine Bell, her older photos show obvious eye bags. However, in her latest photos, her eye bags seem to have disappeared. The disappearance of her eye bags has taken years off her face and made her look much younger. Now at age 47, she looks like someone ten years younger.

Catherine Bell and Botox Injection Rumors

Another ever popular procedure is Botox injections. Fine lines are the persistent enemies of women. The invention of Botox has brought a convenient solution to those fine wrinkles. Firstly, it does not involve invasive surgery and secondly, the time to recover is almost in an instant. Though useful in tackling wrinkles, when used excessively, Botox can create a weird and unnatural look on the user.

For Catherine Bell, her face is void of wrinkles, which arouses the suspicion of many netizens. Some claim that she must have undergone botox injections or facial fillers. Even if Catherine did use botox injections, her complexion and face still looks natural. Looks like she has gotten a fantastic plastic surgeon (if she had one) to take care of her wrinkles. Her face still looks as vibrant as ever.

Overall, Catherine Bell has maintained her beauty well. She looks flawless for a 47 year old. It is hard to tell that she is in her late forties. Some of the credit also goes out to her healthy lifestyle and regular exercise regime. Coupled with a healthy diet, Catherine Bell looks outstanding. Whether she underwent plastic surgery or not, her beauty looks set to last for years to come. What do you think of Catherine Bell plastic surgery rumors?