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Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Rumour Surface Again!

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Rumors Has Started Again!

One of the most beautiful actresses Hollywood has dominated the headlines again. Cameron Diaz appeared on the March issue of Women’s Health looking all young and youthful. And it is reported by Hollywoodlife.com that she might have undergone some special treatment to look this good.

We have covered in our earlier post about Cameron Diaz plastic surgery. We note that Cameron Diaz regretted some of the decisions made for her plastic surgery procedures. Well, despite all the regrets, did Cameron Diaz go under the knife again?

In the latest magazine cover of Women’s Health magazine, Cameron Diaz still looks stunning. However there are some distinct differences in between her old photos and the photo on the magazine cover. Her cheeks look slightly b

Photo Credit: Women's Health

Photo Credit: Women’s Health

Photo Credit: Women's Health

Photo Credit: Women’s Health


igger and more lifted than usual. Her nose shape seem to have changed slightly. Her forehead is looking so smooth that there are strong suspicion that Botox might be used.

Or could it be the result of good Photoshop skills?

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Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Cameron Diaz Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Cameron Diaz is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood today. But that will not stop the plastic surgery rumours of nose jobs, Botox, fillers, facelifts, chemical peels and breast augmentation. Perhaps “there’s something about Cameron” that really pushes us to question if Cameron Diaz plastic surgery rumours are real.

LATEST UPDATE: Cameron Diaz Appears on cover of Women’s Health (March 2016 issue) and is sparking rumors about alleged plastic surgery procedures.

Cameron Diaz Younger and older photos

Photo Credit : Left and Right to Getty Images

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