Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Disaster

Park Bom is well known as a member of 2NE1. Park Bom is also well known as a celebrity who has undergone extensive plastic surgery. Some of Park Bom plastic surgery rumors include two nose jobs, double eyelid surgery, face reshaping and also breast augmentation. Most of her fans suspect that she has undergone plastic surgery. Some even label Park Bom as the “Plastic Monster”. The question is, to what extent were the plastic surgeries carried out?

Watch Park Bom Audition Video some years back:

Check out the video below for some recent shots of Park Bom looking unnatural:


Who is Park Bom?

Park Bom is a South Korean singer born in Seoul. She is a prominent member of the girl group 2NE1. She has an impressive record in the K Pop charts. Park Bom has two singles “You and I” and “Don’t Cry” that hit the number one charts in South Korea. And she has consistently stayed atop of the pop charts. Park Bom indicated that Beyonce and Mariah Carey have influenced her musical style. She is also known as a dancer and actress besides being the singer of 2NE1.

Park Bom Plastic Surgery before and after photo

Park Bom plastic surgery photos

However, despite her success in K Pop, her plastic surgeries were not successful. With her face looking so artificial, it speaks volumes of what she has done to her face. Netizens have discussed about Park Bom’s plastic surgeries extensively. Some even posted Park Bom’s old pictures, including some photos from her YG Entertainment trials and her performance in BIGBANG’s “We Belong Together”.

Unlike Han Ye Seul or Park Shin Hye, who have relatively more successful plastic surgery enhancements, Park Bom’s plastic surgeries are not considered successful. Many fans feel that Park Bom could have been better off without any plastic surgery.

Park Bom Cosmetic Surgery before and after

However, Park Bom explained that the reason why she undergone the knife is due to her lymph node. Park denies that she had plastic surgery because of vanity purposes.

However, some fans do not believe her answer because it is not possible to have such extensive surgeries to her face due to lymph node. In South Korea, it is known as the land of plastic surgeries. Many South Korean celebrities look very different from their younger days. Plastic surgeries are so common in South Korea that they even dedicate some variety shows about plastic surgery on TV.

Some of the people who undergo plastic surgery in South Korea do not have anything actually wrong with their facial features. They are just young people who want to follow in the footsteps of their superstar idols.

So, what are some of the possible plastic surgeries that Park Bom did? For that, we have to take a look at the before and after photos of Park Bom.

Park Bom and Eye Lid Surgery

One popular plastic surgery among Koreans is eye lid surgery, It is common knowledge that many Koreans have small eyes and yearn for bigger eyes to be more attractive. Eye lid surgery allows the eyes to be bigger and also provide a more balanced look to the face.

Park Bom plastic surgery

For Park Bom, you can see that her eyes are obviously bigger than earlier photos. This is a tell tale sign of eye lid surgery. And Park Bom has double eyelids now when she did not have it at all during her younger days. Though painful, double eyelid surgery is common for those people who want to have the coveted double eyelids.

Park Bom and Nose Job

Many Asian have flatter noses that westerners. Thus, it is a common request for Asians to have a nose job. The desired end result is almost always a more pointed nose. Nose job or rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in United States because it is generally less invasive than other major plastic surgeries like breast or butt augmentation. Furthermore, nose jobs, when done well, hardly leave behind any scars.

Park Bom Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Park Bom plastiic surgery nose job before and after pics

When you look at the before and after photos of Park Bom, you see that her previous nose looked flatter and more bulbous. After the alleged nose job, Park Bom has a nose that is slimmer and more pointed. It looks like a completely different nose from her younger days.

Park Bom and Lip Fillers

One of the sure giveaways of plastic surgery are pouty lips. Somehow, in the last 5 years, pouty lips have become a must if you wish to look sexy on the red carpet. This trend resulted in many celebrities opting for lip fillers. Lip fillers, if applied in excessive doses, cause severe swelling on the patient’s lips. The swelling will cause the patient to look unnatural and weird. For Park Bom, observers feel that she have had too much lip fillers, causing her to have an artificial and unnatural look.

Park Bom lip fillers before and after photos

Park Bom and Chin Implants

One of the ways to change the shape of the face is to have a chin implant. Many celebrities feel that their face is too round and to provide a more defined look, they opt for chin implants to reshape their jawline. For Park Bom, there are speculations about a possible chin implant. The speculations arose because her chin looks weird recently. Her chin does not look balanced. Her chin looks lopsided and it has affected her lower lip as well. Her mouth now looks pulled to the right side of her face all the time. Her chin implant surgery is one of the greatest waste of plastic surgery effort and time.

Park Bom plastic surgery before and after shots

Park Bom and Breast Augmentation

Park Bom Boob job

Having bigger breasts is the dream of most women. For Park Bom, she is no different. However, in her pursuit for the perfect set of big boobs, she has chosen the wrong plastic surgeon or underwent the wrong surgery. The resultant shape of her breasts look weird. They look way too pointed and does not fit the profile of her body.

It seems like her plastic surgeon got the shape and the cup size completely wrong. Firstly the breast shape looks unnatural and the cup size does not fit onto her thin body frame. And at certain angles, Park Bom looks fat.

Despite the plastic surgery failures, Park Bom has her own group of loyal fans who will support her no matter what happens. And we appreciate the music and performances Park Bom has given us over the years. One cannot really blame her for trying to enhance her looks. But we just fear that she might be addicted to plastic surgery. What do you think of Park Bom plastic surgery addiction?

Here are more before and after photos of Park Bom. What do you think?

Check out her nose and chin:

Park Bom plastic surgery photos before and after

And Park Bom lips:

Park Bom plastic surgery now and then photos

Again Park Bom’s nose tip looks much sharper below:

Park Bom plastic surgeries made her look worse

Park Bom before and after