Nina Easton Plastic Surgery Before And After


Nina Easton, a Beautiful Mature Face

Plastic Surgery has been a hot issue that has never been suppressed beyond society. It has been widely accepted in the entire world that plastic surgery is necessary for many people to keep their appearance youthful and beautiful.

Botox, fillers and facelift are a nice combination for many people who want to avoid age recognition on their faces. Botox is used to expel wrinkle from faces. Fillers are used to fill the part of the face which has been pointed, and facelift is the powerful treatment to lift the texture of the face which has sagged.

This also happened with Nina Easton, the woman who is famous as a journalist, American author and Washington Bureau Chief for Fortune Magazine. At 56 years old she is still beautiful without any sagging on her face. This has aroused many speculations in the public that she had done some treatments. It is suspected that the treatments rejuvenated her face, removing wrinkles that should be evident at her age.


These two pictures may offer some clues as to what she did to maintain her youthfulness till today. We can clearly see on Easton’s face in the second picture, that had been posted by Real Clear Politics on July, 3 2014, had no significant difference in smoothness compared to a younger picture posted by Simon & Schuster Australia to promote Easton’s book, Gang of Five. It suggests to us that she might have had Botox treatment to expel her wrinkle. It didn’t only expel the wrinkles from her face, it also rejuvenated her.


The fillers also kept the intensity of her cheeks. And there are tell tale signs of facelifting that has helped to prevent major sagging on her face.


If she did go through the procedures suggested, then the results have been successful. Because from the natural face that she has got now, it looks as if she did not undergo any treatment. The procedure also gave her a lot more opportunities as it kept her confidence high.


Nina Easton has always looked fabulous in front of the public. It was reported by American Power that she look fabulous when she appeared in the 2008 GOP National Convention. She had sweeping and smartly-groomed hairstyle, a professional but feminine suit, and beautifully done makeup. So, there is actually no right or wrong answer to her plastic surgery suspicions. And if she did go for plastic surgery enhancements, we conclude that it was really successful. Looking good is always a pre-requisite when you appear on TV. And for Nine Easton, its very important to look good.